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Banu İşçi Sezen
Chief HR Officer
“An excellent app that is engaging, entertaining, yet extremely educational covering a variety of English communication skills! We use English Ninjas to increase our ecosystem's level of English proficiency.”
Burçin Ressamoğlu
“Speaking fluent English is important for us. We offer English classes to our team members but we still experience problems while speaking. I can clearly see that English Ninjas helps improve one's speaking skills.“
Murat Şenel
Corporate Development and Training Manager
Hedef Filo
“It has been an extremely useful tool for our team members. They can practice anywhere, any time.“
Zülal Öztürk Kaya
HR Manager
Zorlu Holding
“English Ninjas has filled a major gap in terms of English speaking practice. With a fun, innovative and professional approach it presents an active learning opportunity. Our employees' feedback and engagement have been very positive.“

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