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You can practice English anytime and anywhere with English Ninjas mobile applications.

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The Best Way to Learn English is Practicing With Native Speakers!

There's no need to practice English abroad because English Ninjas brings native instructors and interactive educational content to your smart phone and computer so you can learn anywhere, anytime.

Speaking English fluently is a very important need for business people. When this need is not fulfilled, English becomes a barrier in most of the employees' career.

You can become fluent in English by practicing with native English speaking tutors via English Ninjas. As a result, English becomes an advantage for you, rather than a barrier.

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Native English-speaking Tutors

To speak fluent English with correct pronunciation, instantly connect to English-speaking tutors a.k.a. "the English Ninjas".

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Live Chat

Whenever you log in to English Ninjas, there will be a tutor ready to talk to you and help you improve your English.

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Private Sessions

You will be having live and private video sessions with your tutors. These sessions are recorded for your convenience: you can review them anytime you want!

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What Are the Benefits of English Ninjas?

  • Improve grammar skills with rich educational content

  • Expand vocabulary through reading and instant feedback

  • Correct pronunciation errors and understand multiple English speaking dialects

  • Gain the confidence to speak in any social and business setting

  • Revisit old bookings to go over session notes and conversation

  • As a result,

  • You will be one step ahead in job interviews.

  • You will influence the audience in English presentations.

  • You communicate with your foreign guests and customers more conveniently.

  • You will be more successful in your work.

  • You will have taken a giant step for your personal development.

  • You can speak English more confidently when traveling abroad.

English Ninjas vs Offline English Courses

Before, students spent thousands of dollars on traditional English courses and couldn't put their English speaking skills to good use after the course was finished. Now, with English Ninjas, students from all over the world can improve their speaking and comprehension by practicing with our native tutors 24 hours a day!

With English Ninjas, you can practice speaking English from the comfort of home so there's no time wasted with a commute. You can work with instructors who are online 24/7. Hence, your time and energy is saved for you.

Students gain access to hundreds of tutors with various teaching methods to keep the learning and conversations new and interesting. Students also have access to learning with rich educational content and articles.

Choose one of our 30% off packages to get your best English learning experience started.

Just sign up for free and choose the package that fits you best!

English Ninjas vs Other Online English English Learning Platforms

English Ninjas allows you to practice live on our website and on mobile without redirecting you to another application. You can record your sessions and watch over the lesson to fix your mistakes.

English Ninjas teachers provide you with detailed feedback during and after each lesson. With instant responses, students learn to correct and understand mistakes when they are made.

Unlike other web sites and mobile apps, our customer support team works 7 days a week for user satisfaction so you can always find someone to talk at English Ninjas.

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Learn and Speak English with Best Online Tutors

English Ninjas vs Private Tutoring

No matter which subject you're learning, one on one tutoring is always the best. However, if you want to take a private class from a native tutor in your home town, you would probably pay 3-4 times more than you pay for English Ninjas.

English Ninjas makes it so you learn English easily on your computer or mobile device without exceeding your budget.

All you need is to hit the call button and start practicing anytime anywhere...

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Students around the world practice and improve their English every day with English Ninjas.

It is now possible to practice English with our English Ninjas.

Join English Ninjas now and start practicing daily!

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