10 Foreign TV Series Suggestions to Improve Your English

Don’t you want to learn English in a fun and enjoyable way with your favorite TV series? If “yes” you are in the right place.

Nowadays, you need to do an intensive study to learn English as you’ll encounter with the language in every field. You should also improve your vocabulary by constantly learning new words to speak English. However, in order to learn English, you need to take into account the basic rules of grammar, as well as the colloquial language. In order to speak English fluently, it is very important that you become familiar with sentence patterns and rules and constantly improve yourself in this direction, rather than just focusing on learning new words. So how can you practice and improve your English in a fun way?

By watching foreign TV series of course. You can try many different methods to improve your English, but foreign TV series will undoubtedly make your learning process more enjoyable. Foreign series will help you improve your vocabulary and learn proper pronunciation of the words. In this way you can speak English fluently and understand easier when others speak to you. You can also become familiar with colloquial idioms and different terms while watching different types of series. Moreover, you can do this at any time you want and in the comfort of your home.

Here are some foreign TV series suggestions that will help you improve your English while having fun.


Lost, attracts a large audience with its interesting plot, depicts the experiences of a group of people stranded on an island as a result of a plane crash. Lost, which is at the top spot among the most popular foreign TV series, becomes a useful and enjoyable option for those who want to improve their English with its easy-to-understand language and simple phrases. In the meantime, let’s not forget that the engaging story of the series can motivate you to watch it as you will not get bored.

Lie To Me

Lie To Me, which is inspired by the psychologist Paul Eckman’s scientific work, “A Human Lie Detector”, depicts Dr. Lightman and his team’s process of identifying lies. The series, based on different events in each episode, is among the ideal alternatives for improving your English with its simple and comprehensible language structure.

With its script that uses the most common words in everyday life, Lie To Me allows especially intermediate English users to improve themselves. The series also help to enrich vocabulary and getting familiar with general sentence patterns.


Friends, which is one of the most popular comedy series for many years, offers a combination of humor and friendship elements. You will have both fun and improve your English while watching the series, which depicts awkward and funny situations experienced by six friends, each with different personalities. The series has simple dialogues in casual speech. If you are a fan of comedy series than you are surely going to follow Friends and enjoy every episode.

The Big Bang Theory

One of the most successful comedy series, The Bing Bang Theory is a production that meets needs of those who want to have fun and learn English both. This fun-filled sitcom depicts absurd situations between two physicist roommates and their beautiful blonde neighbor and it will help you improve your English vocabulary and sentence structure.


Vikings, which is one of the first TV series that come to mind when history is mentioned, reveals the story of Ragnar Lothbrok, the famous hero of the Vikings and Scandinavian Mythology. Combining mythological narration with impressive visuals, the series offers a delightful watching experience. Using a simple and comprehensible language suitable for all levels and thus appealing to audiences from all walks of life, Vikings provides the foundation for you to develop your English comfortably.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones, which makes a difference with its visual quality and script, is considered one of the most successful television productions. The language of the series, where you can find many things about fantasy fiction and medieval history, proceeds in a simplicity and fluency that is easily comprehensible for those who want to improve their English. We recommend watching this series, especially if you want to learn new words and easily grasp the course of events.


Suits, which is about American law and business world, is one of the series that will help a lot to people who are interested in technical and legal terms in English. The series depicts events that occurs when paths of Mike Ross who is dismissed from law school and succesfull Harvard graduate lawyer Harvey Specter intersect. The series is especially useful for business and law students.

Breaking Bad

If you like drama series better, Breaking Bad is an attractive alternative for improving your English. The series depicts the life of a high school chemistry teacher Walter White who learns he has lung cancer and begins illegal drug production to leave a fortune for his family. This series has a calm but pleasant fiction which is engaging for the audience. This is an award-winning American TV series with fluent conversations and sentence structures that you can use in everyday life.

Stranger Things

Referring to the Hollywood of the 80s, the series stands out among highly interesting productions in science fiction and horror genres. The series depicts adventures ranging from the story of a lost 12-year-old boy to a girl with extraordinary talents who use these to help the boy’s friends. It’s a very engaging show and pulls the audience into the screen, so to speak. Unlike complex plotline, this series uses short dialogues and comprehensible English, with most players being children, helping you to understand what you hear and learn new words.

House of Cards

The House of Cards, adapted from Michael Dobbs’ book of the same name, is one of the series that will especially attract attention of people interested in political issues. With its realistic storyline and occasional suspense scenes, the show is about the rise of ambitious politician Frank Underwood, who try every way to become the US president and his wife. In this show, you’ll encounter lots of technical and political terms and it’s a good source for people who want to learn business English or formal English.


Watching foreign TV series is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable and comfortable ways to improve your English. It is a fact that foreign series help you to become familiar with English word and sentence structures. However, to speak English fluently and correctly, you will benefit greatly from having conversations with a native English speaker.

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