10 Rules to Stay Alive in a Horror Movie

Have you found yourself in a situation similar to what those in a horror movie may be experiencing? If so, we have got some advice for you. Read below to find the 10 undeniable rules for staying alive in a horror movie.

Never split up! – Don’t ever under any circumstances think that it’s best to split up into smaller groups to go looking for your missing friends. From years of watching scooby doo to todays thrillers, we have all learned that splitting up does not work so please don’t do this and stick together.

If your friend was bit by a monster/zombie/creature, do not ever think “Maybe they will be ok.” They will turn into a monster when you’re least expecting it and it will be your end. It’s all about protecting yourself at this point so make sure to trust no one that has been in close proximity to the beasts.

Don't do this!

Don’t be an annoying know it all. These people are usually the first to be killed in horror movies. The more wise ass remarks you make, the quicker you’ll find your demise in any scenario where the phone lines have been cut out and you haven’t seen your friend in hours. Be smart and don’t talk too much.

If you see a clown, whether it is a statue, stuffed animal, or whatever, you better run because your eyes have deceived you. Get out of there because clowns are BAD NEWS! They aren’t there to bring you joy or entertain you so you better make sure the second you see one, you are running.

If you somehow for some reason find an open window when the weather is bad. This did not happen by mistake!! Someone is in your house so you better be ready for that. Do not think that it was open by mistake. Open windows = intruder alert so make sure to remember and watch your back.

Don’t ever take a shower! For some reason people over the years have wanted to take a quick shower and wash off during the most questionable moments. WHY? Don’t do this to yourself. Chances are you’ll be shampooing(and your eyes will obviously be closed so you can’t see what you’re touching) and you’ll touch the end of the killers axe thinking it was shampoo and you’ve reached the end. If something weird is starting to happen, don’t even think about the shower. Don’t even wash your face with your eyes closed.

Don’t answer the phone. Are you serious? Have you even seen a horror movie before? You know damn well that once you pick up that phone, you’re the next one to go. Chances are you’re already in a place with no reception so heed my advice and don’t even try. No phone for you. Just make sure you’re ready to run.

Do not under any circumstances investigate a sound coming from a room that you know has no one in there. Find something big to block the door and make sure whatever is in there won’t be able to get out. No one needs you to be the hero. Save yourself and don’t scratch your curiosity itch.

Never go upstairs. This may seem like an obvious rule, but it is easy to forget when you have someone chasing you. Make sure that you have exhausted all other options before cornering yourself to a floor that has no easy exit to the outside. Sure jumping out of a window may help you, but it’s way easier running away when both legs aren’t broken. If you do go upstairs, make sure you have something soft to land on.

Last but not least is that only one of you will survive. So, if you’re there with your boyfriend, you’re lucky. You know from your experiences that he will die first. Everyone else, the person who talks too much, the very pretty girl, the person taking the shower, and the one who answers the phone are all done. If you’ve followed the rules so far, you should be fine, but don’t forget it’s always one of you that makes it out.

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