10 Tips for Teachers on Motivate Students

Every teacher has at some point observed a lack of motivation in their students. Although the situation may seem difficult to overcome, there are various methods to try to keep the classroom motivated.

  1. Give your students a choice.

When giving out assignments, have several ones for students to choose from. Students enjoy being in control of their assignments which is why they will become intrinsically motivated.

  1. Keep students interacting.

When students interact with their peers, they feel more engaged. As a result, they will not feel bored and motivation will soar. This is why teachers should try to plan for more pair and group assignments.

  1. Teach in a different environment.

Sometimes changing location and getting out the same everyday environment is that is needed to boost student motivation. Try organizing a class field trip or simply taking lessons outdoors.

  1. Teach to all students’ abilities.

Come up with different lessons and activities so as to include all students, because they don’t all learn at the same pace. This way, everyone is engaged and motivated.

  1. Have students establish attainable

Ask students to list some attainable goals for themselves and set a time limit for reaching them. Having a plan or a clear course of action is always helpful when it comes to keeping up motivation.

  1. Create a friendly classroom competition.

Games and competition are a great way to create excitement and increase motivation. Every once in a while, break students into teams and come up with games that will be both educational and fun.

  1. Share achievements.

Make students feel valued and accomplished by sharing their achievements in the classroom or even the entire school community.

  1. Give up some control.

Students don’t like being under constant control. Share the control with students and give them the opportunity to decide how to learn certain things. For example, whether they would like to read a book or take a test.

  1. Make your lessons relatable.

Try to make a connection between what is being taught and what is going on in students’ lives. They will care more about what they are learning, if they find it relevant to their own lives.

  1. Give students something to look forward to.

Students will be more motivated to learn if they have things to look forward to like class trips, celebrations, get-out-of-homework passes, etc.


  1. Overcome – succeed in dealing with; defeat; beat
  2. Intrinsically – in an essential or natural way
  3. Peer – a person of the same age, status, or ability as another specified person; equal; fellow
  4. Soar – fly or rise high
  5. Field trip – a visit made by students to study something away from their school
  6. Attainable – achievable; within reach
  7. Accomplished – skilled; competent
  8. Relatable – able to be related to something else
  9. Relevant – applicable; closely connected or appropriate to what is being done or considered

 Questions for Discussion

  1. What motivates you as a student?
  2. Do you think it’s the teacher’s responsibility to keep students motivated? Why or why not?
  3. Do you think there is a link between students’ motivation and their academic performance?


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