10 Tips for your English Interview

Tell me about yourself

This is usually the first question you will hear once your interviewer switches to English.

  • Talk about your strengths with supporting examples.
  • Focus on providing accomplishments you can quantify.
  • Do not summarize your resume word for word.
  • Mention past experiences and proven successes.
  • Compare your position’s current responsibilities to the role you want.
  • Highlight your personality.
  • Briefly mention hobbies, intellectual development and community involvement.

Know your resume

This one is obvious, but you need to know your resume inside and out. Practice talking about each position you have had in the past and combine the skills you have mentioned to show how all of your past eperiences have prepared you for this role.

When practicing talking about your resume, step in front of your mirror and come up with 2-3 sentences to describe each role and highlight the main points that can be applied to the new position.

Be positive

During your interview, you may have to talk about negative points, but you can do so in a way that make them positive. Turn your negative experiences into lessons that you have learned.

Only talk about good things when describing your experiences with your previous employers and projects. This is a reflection of your attitude and almost every HR representative will want to see how you react to a negative point or question. Be sure to take a deep breath and then answer the question in the most positive way.

Be yourself

When going into the interview, you have to dress well, make sure you look the part, and show external signs of a positive and worthwhile candidate. In addition to your physical experiences, you will want to be yourself in the best way possible. The HR representatives aren’t hiring a resume, they are hiring the human that is attached to the valuable skills listed on your resume.

When you present yourself as you truly are and are completely open, recruiters will have the best understanding of how you will fit in their organization. By being yourself and getting accepted, you will be joining a company that shares the same values as you. If you put on a show and make it seem like you’re something that you aren’t, most hr representatives will understand and if they don’t, your experiences later on in the company will prove to be less than what was expected. Don’t accept the job just because you received an offer. Accept the job if the company and people share the same vision, values, and principles as you.

Know the company

This one goes without saying. Before you get to your interview, make sure to learn a lot of valuable information on the company. Check google news to find any recently published articles on the company. Check linkedin and the company website for updates on company news and updates.

Do you know anyone within the organization already? Ask them what information they can provide about the company that will help you during the interview. Research the company culture and look at their online reviews. And when you’re in the interview, ask the interviewer about their thoughts on the company and ask them why they joined and what keeps them coming back.

Ask questions

The best way to show the interviewer that you are prepared is by asking questions about the company that show you have done your research. Surely, the hr representative will give you a lot of information, but it is always a good idea to ask further questions in your interview to show a deep desire for the position.

Practice your interview with a friend

The best way to get ready for an interview in English is to work with friends and family who can respond to you in English. If you can guess the possible questions that may be asked during your upcoming interview, you will more relaxed than if you didn’t practice at all before. Go over the exact answers you would like to tell the interviewer. The are a few basic questions that every HR representative will ask you during the interview so it would be best to practice these with your friends as much as you can before the real thing.

Be confident

When going into an interview, you should go in with the mindset that you already have the job. Stand and sit up straight and tall. If you have to think about an answer to a question. Sit in silence as you think and then speak clearly and consicely when presenting your answer. If you go in remembering that you are interviewing the company as much as they are interviewing you, then you will feel much better about your performance.

Send a thank you letter

After the interview is finished, be sure to send an email to the recruiters or hr representatives thanking them for taking the time to speak to you and for considering you for the position. Wish them the best of luck in their candidate search and leave the conversation on a positive note once again. This will show them that even if it was just an interview, that you had a great experience with them and their company.

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