3 Of My Favourite Jazz Songs-Joe

1)“There Will Never Be Another You” by Chet Baker

This song is a classic jazz song.  The artist is named Chet Baker.  He sings and he plays the trumpet on the song.  The melody in the song is very sweet, however, the lyrics are a little sad. They are about someone who the singer loves but is gone.  I like the lyrics because they play with the phrase, “there will be.”

“There will be other nights just like this,

and I’ll be standing here with someone new.

There will be other songs to sing, another fall, another spring,

But there will never be another you.”


There will be other nights, other songs, other seasons, but there will never be another you.  The means the person is special and there is no one else like her.  Later, the songs says.

“There will be other lips that I may kiss…

But there will never ever be another you.”

At the very end, the singer says, “there will never ever be” because that makes the phrase stronger.  Actually, the lyrics are very sad!


2) “L-O-V-E” by Nat King Cole

“L-O-V-E” is one of my favourite love songs.  The music is simple (for a jazz song) and makes me feel happy. Nat King Cole has a very smooth singing voice.  The lyrics are simple, yet very clever.  He says the letters of the word “love” to make the lyrics.  Each letter in the word represents something about “love.”


L is for the way you look at me

O is for the only one I see

V is very, very extraordinary

E is even more than, anyone that you adore

Nat King Cole knows he is in love because of the way he and his lover look at each other.  He thinks their love is very special and the emotion is very strong.  This song is romantic and it is perfect to sing to your boyfriend or girlfriend!


3) “All Of Me” by Frank Sinatra

“All Of Me” is another classic jazz song.  Frank Sinatra is one of the best Jazz singers ever.  His voice is very rich and it sounds very good for the song.  I like all of the instruments in the song too.  The horn section makes the song upbeat and fun to listen to.  I like the lyrics to “All Of Me” because they are very clever.  The lyrics play with the phrase, “he/she took my heart”  If a woman “takes my heart” that means I love her.

Take my lips, I want to lose them

Take my arms, I’ll never use them


You took the part that once was my heart

So why not take all of me?


However, the joke is that if she takes my heart, she should take the rest of me too! If not, that will be sad.



Melody- Musical notes that sound good

Lyrics- The words of a song

Clever- Smart

Extraordinary- Unique or special

Adore- To like very much

Upbeat- cheerful, happy


Comprehension questions:

What instrument does Chet Baker play?

What is Nat King Cole’s singing voice like?

What phrase do the lyrics play with in “All of Me?”


Discussion Questions:

Do you like jazz music?

Which song is your favourite?

Which singer is your favourite?

Do you know any songs that have clever lyrics?


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