Who Wants to Be a Software Developer?

Nowadays, there is no shortage of software developer vacancies, as most of the biggest companies are always looking for more software professionals to join their teams.

So, what do you need to know to successfully start out your career in software development? Here are some top tips from professionals in the field.

1. Practice makes perfect

Ronan O’Dulaing, the vice-president of engineering at Globoforce, says that a passion for problem-solving is critical to a successful career in software development. He says that you can start by practicing coding simple programs every day and use your chosen programming language to solve many problems.

2. Learn the language

William Ho, an innovation software engineer at EY, advises to learn many different languages as you start your career in software development. This will help improve your future career prospects. Having an understanding of a mixture of languages is better than having a niche skillset in terms of increasing your chances of getting a job.

3. Make it work, make it correct, make it fast

Zendesk developer Jose Narvaez says that when it comes to software development, you should start with simple solutions, and only then add more difficulty. First you have to make sure that everything is working correctly, and then start optimizing.

4. Focus on the user’s needs

Deloitte’s Alan Jue Liu says that software developers always need to keep in mind the fact that software is there for people. It is to make people’s jobs easier and enable them to do more. This is why, when developing any software, you should always focus on the needs of your users.

5. Be aggressive in your development

According to Donald Byrne, a software developer at Jaguar Land Rover, software developers need to have a thirst for learning. Having good grades in their relevant college degrees isn’t enough. In order to succeed in software development, you need to apply your knowledge by building your own software and doing your own independent research. In other words, you should constantly be trying to improve your skills.

6. Become an adaptable problem-solver

Steven “O’Kennedy, a technology architecture lead in Accenture, says that software developers don’t just write code. They need to know how to solve problems and figure out which technologies and techniques are best for what kinds of problems. It’s about knowing the right tools to use – not about fitting problems to the tools that they know best.


  1. Shortage – a state or situation in which something needed cannot be obtained in sufficient amounts; lack; scarcity
  2. Prospect – the possibility or likelihood of some future event occurring
  3. Niche – relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population
  4. Constantly – continuously over a period of time; regularly; always

Questions for Discussion

  1. Do you agree that software developers always need to upgrade their skills? Explain.
  2. Is it better to have a niche skillset or be familiar with many different programming languages? Explain.
  3. In your opinion, what are some of the difficulties associated with becoming a software developer?

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