7 Reasons to Participate in an Erasmus

Erasmus is the most popular exchange program for European students. The program was launched in 1987 and has given students the opportunity to experience student life in one of the 33 program countries. 90% of European universities participate in the program, which gives students a wide spectrum of courses and study programs to choose from.

Here are 7 noteworthy reasons to participate in the Erasmus exchange program.

1. You get a taste of what studying abroad means.

Many students are fascinated by the idea of studying abroad and dream of doing so. Erasmus gives them the opportunity to actually experience something that they’ve been dreaming about.

2. You receive financial support.

Every Erasmus student receives a grant. The amount depends on the home country and destination, and students are told from the beginning that the grant will not cover all of their expenses. However, it is of significant help. And for many countries, the grant is so high that it makes studying abroad quite an affordable experience.

3. You can learn a new language or practice one you already know.

One of the biggest advantages of the Erasmus program is that you get to improve your communication skills in a foreign language. Many host universities even offer free language courses.

4. You get inspired and motivated.

Many students come to feel demotivated at a certain point in their academic life. Erasmus gives them an opportunity to turn it all around. Taking a semester or a year abroad is a one-of-a-kind source of inspiration and may become a turning point for your future career.

5. You become more responsible.

Many students that attend universities in their home towns are still living with their parents or other relatives. Studying abroad gives them the opportunity to experience real adult life and manage all of their chores and responsibilities on their own. When they return, they are more equipped and ready to handle all sorts of challenges.

6. You make friends from all over the world.

Erasmus gives you the opportunity to form life-long friendships with fellow students from all over the world. Most former program participants say that they have forged lasting relationships during their study abroad experiences.

7. You travel.

Of course, Erasmus gives you the opportunity to travel. Not only will you explore your host country, but if you set some money aside, you can explore the neighboring countries as well.


  1. Launch – start or set in motion
  2. Spectrum – a range of different positions, opinions, etc. between two extreme points
  3. Fascinate – to interest someone a lot
  4. Grant – an amount of money given to a person for a special purpose
  5. Chore – job; task
  6. Equip – to provide a person or a place with objects that are necessary for a particular purpose

Questions for Discussion

  1. Would you like to participate in an Erasmus program? Why or why not?
  2. What are some of the difficulties associated with studying abroad?
  3. Does studying abroad improve your career prospects? Why or why not?


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