She Was The Last Person On Earth

She was the Last Person on Earth: A Short Story

“What’s that?” she asked out loud, though no one could hear her.

It sounded like water trickling down a stone wall. Elizabeth followed the path around the back of the abandoned meat packing warehouse towards the sound (she broke into the warehouse in search of food). Her boots stomped against the cement walkway; tears slowly fell down her hot cheeks. She was scared. Alone. Empty. She knew she had to find a solution, but all she could feel was hopelessness and desperation.


“Will I ever love again?” she whispered to herself.

A flood of memories rushed inside of her – memories of her and her husband, Ricky. He was a painter, a comedian, and a romantic. She couldn’t bear the thought of pressing forward without him, of facing another day without the sound of his voice. But civilisation was over. The whole human race was destroyed albeit Elizabeth. There were no houses, no electricity, and no technology. As she turned around the corner, she found something very peculiar. It was a teeny tiny waterfall that was rushing out of a stone wall. The waterfall was glowing with vibrant hues of green, purple, blue, and pink. She stood there, mesmerised and in awe of the swirl of colours and the intricacy of the patterns. How could such a phenomenon exist? Where are the colours coming from?


She reached out her right index finger to touch the flow of water. As she inched her finger closer and closer, she felt an electric current surging through her body. Before she had the opportunity to make another move, the electricity grew exponentially stronger. Her feet started to rise. Her body was outlined with a trace of glowing white light. Her blue eyes slowly turned black. It was over. She was sucked into another portal, another world, another abyss of opportunities, wonder, and curiosities. She was now standing in a great big field of wheat. She saw a red house in the distance covered in green vines. She felt warm. She felt hopeful.

“Maybe Ricky is here…” she shouted as she sprinted through the field towards the red house.


New Vocabulary:

-Exponentially: (with reference to an increase) more and more rapidly.

-Hopelessness: a feeling or state of despair; lack of hope.

-Intricacy: details, especially of an involved or perplexing subject. The quality of being intricate.

-Phenomenon: a remarkable person or thing.


Reading & Understanding Questions:

1)Why did Elizabeth go to the meat packing factory in the first place?

2)Who was Elizabeth searching for?

3)Where did Elizabeth go after she touched the glowing waterfall?

Discussion Questions:

1) What if you were the last person on earth? What would you do?

2)Decide on a shelter – do you have a house? Is there another house you can inhabit? How will you get clean water and food?


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