Apps that help with English reading comprehension

Students are always taught in English classes to keep reading as much as possible in order to improve.
And while that is certainly true, sometimes this seemingly simple task becomes difficult for students.
Many of them complain that they find themselves frustrated trying to comprehend classic literature or
texts that are too complex or boring for them. I always advise them that the best thing to do is to read
materials that are genuinely interesting for them, so that they can get the most out their reading.
There are many tools nowadays that help you with English reading comprehension.

List of apps and websites you can use to improve reading comprehension

1. YouTube – YouTube is your friend when it comes to improving your comprehension skills. There
are numerous videos with all sorts of tips and guides on what to read and how to read it. No
matter your learning style, you are sure to find a video that will really speak to you. Find youtube here.

2. TED Talks – The great thing about TED Talks, is that they cover a wide range of topics that are
bound to be interesting for you. TED videos also include transcripts of the speeches, so you are
free to follow along as you listen to topics of your interest by some of the greatest speakers in
the world. Following along naturally spoken English is one of the best ways to improve reading
comprehension. Click here to listen.

3. ESL/EFL forums – If you are new or relatively new to English and want to improve your reading
comprehension skills, it is a really good idea to spend a little time surfing the web and finding
ESL/EFL forums that you like. What better way to learn English than from peers who are going or
have gone through the same process and have lots of personal tips and advice to share with
you! FluentU is a great forum for this.

4. English Ninjas – English Ninjas is one of the best apps out there to help you with everything
English – including reading comprehension. The best thing about it is its personal approach. You
will find a tutor that will assess your needs, listen to your wants and requirements, and come up
with a lesson plan for you that will help you perfect all of the needed skills, including reading
comprehension. The tutors are available to you 24/7 every day of the year to help guide you
through your reading progress. There is no speaking with a robot. The program is designed to
cater entirely to your needs.

Start your practice today with English Ninjas. 


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