Blockchain is Becoming Increasingly Popular

For most engineers, getting a job offer from the FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google) giants is the dream. However, many of them are now turning down offers from these companies to pursue a career in the world of blockchain.

The Story of Maximilian Wang – an Atypical Engineer

28-year-old Maximilian Wang was an engineer at Facebook when he developed an interest in blockchain. He spent his days coding and his nights educating himself about this new technology.

He recalls that one day early in 2017 during a happy hour at work, he began talking about blockchain, but not many of his coworkers showed much interest in the subject at the time. Most thought of it as a scam. However, when he brought up the subject again on New Year’s 2018, it was an entirely different story. People were now listening, because everyone was already aware of the surging prices of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

During the time of bitcoin’s boom, Wang says that the increases in returns on his cryptocurrency investment were as much as his total annual salary at Facebook. One of his friends had even managed to make $1.2 billion through cryptocurrency. All of this was making it very difficult for Wang to stay at Facebook and focus on his work. But he persuaded himself that staying was the right decision, considering the connections he would make at Facebook. More importantly, he was still waiting for a blockchain project that would he would truly believe in.

Finally, he came across Bgogo – a cryptocurrency security exchange that seems to have multiple advantages over its competitors, which have very high listing fees, low qualities of listed tokens, vulnerability to attacks and hacks, and a terrible user experience. Wang envisions it to become the top “bank” in the blockchain cpace – something like JP Morgan Chase in the future.

Not Alone

Wang isn’t the only employee to give up his great job for a blockchain dream. Other FAANG employees are also joining blockchain projects. In fact, investors prefer to put their money in companies with employees who have a history of working at one of the tech giants.


  1. Pursue – follow or chase; go after
  2. Atypical – unusual; non-typical
  3. Recall – remember
  4. Scam – a dishonest scheme; a fraud
  5. Bring up (phrasal verb)to start discussing a subject
  6. Surge – move suddenly and powerfully forward or upward
  7. Persuade – convince; cause someone to believe something
  8. Vulnerability – the quality or state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed

Questions for Discussion

  1. Would you give up a job at Facebook or Google to pursue your own company in blockchain?
  2. In your opinion, what are the risks associated with starting a blockchain company?
  3. Do you think cryptocurrency will ever completely replace our current money? Explain.


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