Chrome OS Might Be Google’s Future

People have been imagining what a Google OS would look like for a very long time. At one point, it seemed as though it would be something that is based on Ubuntu Linux. Then came Android, which still wasn’t the ultimate Google OS. Many say that Chrome OS might be it; however, it’s still missing one important thing.

What Android?

A strange thing happened recently. At one of the latest events that was centered around Pixel smartphones, Android was not even mentioned. Naturally, the press started feeling suspicious, and this gave rise to many conspiracy theories revolving around retiring Android.

It seems as though Google really is slowly pushing Chrome OS to the forefront. It has already started with the move to Chrome OS tablets, which leads many people to believe that Chrome OS smartphones are already in the foreseeable future.

All Under One Roof of Chrome OS

Chrome OS is being prepared to take on all of Google’s supported platforms in one single system. It already supports 3 operating systems – Chrome OS itself, Android, and Linux. Some even say that it will add Windows 10 dual boot capabilities soon.

Moreover, there has been another recent development by Google – Project Stream. It’s a technology that will allow beta testers to play console games with nothing but a Chrome desktop browser. In other words, it offers game streaming services like NVIDIA and Sony PlayStation, except thee hardware requirements on the client side are much lower.

It seems as though with this powerful gaming platform, Chrome OS has it all. Well, almost.

Developers, Developers, Developers

The one thing that is missing from Chrome OS at the moment is a standard, unified, and convenient developer workflow and software development kit (SDK). In other words, Google has to make it easy for developers to join in on developing Chrome OS – not just for Android or Chrome extensions, but Chrome OS itself. This is one crucial thing that Google still has to figure out.


  1. Suspicious – doubtful; unsure; having or showing a cautious distrust of someone or something
  2. Conspiracy theory – a theory that explains an event as the result of a secret plot by usually powerful organizations
  3. Forefront – the leading or most important position or place; front
  4. Under one roof (phrase)at the same location
  5. Convenient – suitable; fitting in well with a person’s needs, activities, and plans
  6. Crucial – critical; of great importance

Questions for Discussion

  1. Do you think Chrome OS is the ultimate Google operating system? Or will there be something else?
  2. What are the advantages of Chrome OS?
  3. In your opinion, how does Google’s OS compare to Apple’s iOS?


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