Comedy Movies to Improve Your English

Today, while learning English has become a mandatory need for everyone, it is a challenging process that requires discipline. Well, is it possible to make this process more enjoyable? Watching comedy movies in English can help you.

After a long and hard day, you can relief your stress by watching a comedy movie on your couch. Also, you can improve your English grammar, speaking and understanding skills. Of course, you need to find a movie that will fit your purpose for maximum benefit. Before deciding on your movie, you can quickly check the movie list below for easier and faster selection.

Here are the best English comedy movies that will improve your English level. Turn the English learning process into fun!

Comedy Movies to Improve Your English
The Break-up

The Break-up has a funny fiction and this is one of the movies for romantic comedy lovers. The movie starts with how Gary (Vince Vaughn) and Brooke (Jennifer Aniston) characters meet. This movie is about funny events that took place when this couple breaks up after realizing their different areas of interest when they live together. This movie contributes to improving your English in different ways. First, the dialogues in the movie form the basis to understand the daily conversational language from different perspectives. Additionally, as the dialogues are simple and clear, beginner users can easily follow the dialogues and pronunciation. Thus, you can improve your mutual communication skills in your English learning process.

Police Academy Series (1-2-3-4-5-6-7)

This is a movie series where you can find anything about comedy and improve your English. In this modern classic series the first movie was released in 1984 and the sequences were released until the 1990s. It is certain that police candidates and their chief in the Police Academy will make you laugh with their funny adventures. Each film was screened on television multiple times. But try to watch these movies in their original language and with careful eyes. Generally, the main language is English and this movie will help to improve your daily conversational English skills as well as your vocabulary. Additionally, those who have insufficient command on the English language can understand words and sentence structures in this movie.

Toy Story

Toy Story that was first released in 1995 and with the final movie releases in 2019 is a four-movie series. This movie has a story to address action and comedy lovers. This movie tells the story of toys that came alive when a boy called Andy and his family is away. While this movie looks like a children’s movie at first sight, the story and content keep the attention of the audience from all ages alive. Since the main target audience of the rich animation content of Toy Story is the children, the movie has a simple English structure. In this sense, both the story and the language will enable you to understand the story with ease even if your English level is a beginner. On the other hand, this movie skillfully delivers adult comedy to enrich the vocabulary and learn the pronunciation.

Yes Man

Jim Carrey, as one of the first names that come into mind when we say comedy, is the leading star of Yes Man. This movie gives a comedy feast on its own with its funny style and entertaining scenes. Carl (Jim Carrey), an unhappily divorced man who never leaves his house, attends to a program after therapy and he starts to live by “Say yes to everything!” motto. Then, his life takes another form. You will laugh in tears from the beginning to end and this movie will make your process to learn this hard language easier. At the same time, you can improve your accent with the language and dialogue structure of this movie. Aso you can gain the skill to follow up fast dialogues.

Dumb & Dumber

Again, another memorable comedy movie with the acting of Jim Carrey is without any doubt Dumb & Dumber. This movie tells the story of two gullible and clumsy housemates taking a long journey to give a bag full of money to a woman who forgets that bag. It is one of the options when you need a good laugh. This movie has simple and clear language due to the characters and you can easily understand the storyline. This movie will improve your English speaking and listening skills. It will enable you to practice pronunciation with clear and simple language.

Due Date

Due Date tells the story of Peter Highman who has only five days to reach his wife who is about to give birth. While watching the unfortunate events in this movie, you can also improve your English. Simple and fluent language of this film provides an environment where beginners can easily follow the English language. This movie mainly has daily language usage and you can familiarize yourself with the words and simple terms you can use in your English communication.

Crazy, Stupid, Love

Crazy, Stupid, Love movie is a 2011 American movie. Cal Weaver, who leads the happy life everyone dreams of, faces the reality when his wife cheats on him and wants a divorce. Then, he starts a new life with a single ladies man Jacob to learn how to make single life more enjoyable. This movie tells the story of complex and funny events in this new life and you can spend a good time watching it. This movie combines good production, fun and daily language use, comedy elements and perfect American accent and helps you to recognize and understand different patterns and accents. Additionally, you can improve your speaking skills as well as grammar with phrasal verbs and modern slang in the movie.

The Hangover

The Hangover tells the story of four close friends going to Las Vegas for the bachelor’s party and forgetting what happened that night. This movie has comedy elements to keep your interest alive. This series with 3 films and lead actors like Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper, Ed Hemles and Justin Bartha is among the successful productions in comedy. What is more, this is one of the top 10 movies when we say foreign comedy movies. The daily language used by the movie characters will help you to familiarize yourself with daily English words and sentences patterns. Additionally, American slang in the movie helps individuals who want to live abroad a chance to practice daily conversational patterns.

Home Alone (1-2-3-4-5)

Home Alone series is among the classical productions in the comedy genre. This movie tells the story of Kevin, who was left alone at home by his family, against the thieves in his house. The cute attitude of Little Kevin and things that happen to the thieves make you watch the movie with laughter. Also, this movie will have an important contribution to your English learning process. The movie has simple and clear dialogues and English speakers of any level can easily follow the storyline. Additionally, when you watch this movie, you can improve your English speaking skills by learning new words and sentences patterns of daily conversational language.

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