$9 Million for Long-Range Wireless Charging

Reach Labs attracted many investors to raise $9 million for its long-range wireless charging technology. The money will help the company build its systems that will power remote devices through the air.

Reach has validated its product with many Fortune 1000 companies in the areas of range, power, and safety. They are now working on finalizing business agreements with many of them.

The company’s CEO Chris Davlantes acknowledges that there are already other solutions that provide wireless charging. But the problem with them is that they require close proximity. In other words, if you want to charge a device, you would have to place it near the wireless charger.

Reach developed a technology that charges devices at long distances by using radio frequency wave transmission. This is similar to the way our electronic devices receive WiFi or 5G mobile data.

The company has roots at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Their team of physicists and electrical engineers built their system from scratch, rather than taking existing systems and trying to improve upon them.

At the moment, they are unrivaled when it comes to charging range. Their technology solves problems across many industries from health care, to automotive manufacturing, to package distribution environments. Their only problem now is actually deciding on which of those industries to focus first.


  1. Remote – faraway; distant; far off
  2. Validate – check or prove the validity or accuracy of; prove
  3. Acknowledge – admit; accept; concede
  4. Proximity – nearness; closeness
  5. From scratch – from the very beginning, especially without making use of or relying on any previous work for assistance
  6. Unrivaled – better than everyone or everything of the same time; unequalled

Questions for Discussion

  1. What problems can wireless charging solve for big companies?
  2. Would you like to have this kind of technology in your own home? Explain.
  3. Would you be willing to invest in Reach Labs?


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