Computer Games That Will Improve Your English

“Aren’t you too old to play games?”

“Don’t you think you are wasting your time?”

“Can’t you do something more useful than this?”

If you love computer games, you probably heard these questions at least once in your life. But computer games can actually help you to improve your English.

If you are learning English, you need to study with a program and with a disciplined tempo. But there are some ways to make this process enjoyable. And one of them is playing computer games. Although learning English and playing video games sounds like two opposite things, actually computer games can increase your English competency. Researches on this topic found some supportive evidence.

Of course, you need to choose the games that will benefit you. Playing Candy Crush will not teach you English more than “Loading”, “Sweet!” and “Level 534”. However, there are hundreds of amazing story-based games with rich English content. Especially some online games connect different users all around the world. And these games can be a treasure for English speaking and understanding.

In this sense, we have compiled the best games that will improve your English in order to give you a guide for easier selection. But before starting to play these games, you can check why computer games are useful tools in learning English.

Contribution of Computer Games to English Learning

They improve your reading skills

At the beginning of the English learning process, it is normal to have problems due to the different alphabet and reading this alphabet. Computer games are a world with real-users and active dialogues. So, your success in these games depends on how well you understand and follow the dialogues. In this sense, computer games can contribute to reading English sentences faster as well as your comprehension skills.

You will be a better listener

Especially in some online multiplayer games, you need to play the game with audio commands and talking with other players. Accordingly, computer games can help significantly increase your English comprehension and listening skills.

Multidimensional English skill improvement

When you are learning English, you will not be able to reach to a high level if you only focus on one field. So, if you are only good at grammar or if you have worked on your reading skills, you will need to improve your speaking as well. Otherwise, you will experience communication problems. During interactive computer games, while you can develop your English writing skills when you monitor the dialogues between the players, you can also gain competency in speaking by participating in dialogues. Also, you can learn new words and sentences patterns in this communication process.

Multitasking will increase your concentration

Communication is multifaceted. In other words, you think about how and with which sentences you will answer when you are listening to the other people. Of course, while it is easy to do this in your mother tongue, it will be challenging when you learn English. Because you need to work harder to think about the words you need. At this stage, games will develop your multitasking and concentration skills as well as your English communication skills.

You can take a break

You will be eager and ambitious when you enjoy something. Most people relate language learning with endless word lists, hours of practice at the desk and test stacks to be completed to learn the grammar rules. But as we have mentioned before, while computer games support your English development, they will enable a break to your strict study program. At this point, you will start allocating more time to learning as you enjoy learning more. You can play games all the time (without being too extreme, of course)., because this is both a fun and beneficial method with useful words and dialogues.

Computer Games That Can Help You Improve Your English Level

After the benefits of computer games in English learning, we will give you some game suggestions. Here are some games where you can improve your English while discovering new worlds.

1) Fallout

Fallout is about what will happen in Earth after a nuclear war. This game attracts attention with interesting characters and comprehensive storyline and also with fun dialogues. It is popular all around the world and you need to buy new things when you are assigned with a task to destroy the mutants by building weapons. For all these, you need to communicate with different characters.

Although Fallout mainly has characters with an American accent, you can also find some characters with a British accent. In this sense, you can get familiarized with different accents in the game. Also, since you are actively involved in the game dialogues, you can practice for listening, comprehension and English communication.

2) Civilization

Civilization is a game about forming a new civilization and developing this civilization in all sense. This is one of the most attractive strategy games. Although it is an online game, you do not need audio. Additionally, you do not need to deal with in-game dialogues. The important thing here is to advance in the game with texts that have different historical explanations at different game levels. Accordingly, Civilization series can especially help intermediate and advanced individuals in English text reading and comprehension.

3) The Sims

The Sims series focus entirely on digital baby houses and creating a virtual family life. So, your main mission in this game is to purchase a house and give the most luxurious standards for the family members in this house. Of course, when you are doing this mission, you need to deal with various categories including furniture, house appliance, family relationships and activities just like in real life.

The Sims is an extremely entertaining strategy and planning game. With intense conversation traffic, this game will prepare a space to learn daily vocabulary and sentence structures in a fast way. In addition to that, you can sometimes stumble across terms and daily English phrases. This will enable you to make your communication in different social environments more fluent.

4) Empire Earth

Empire Earth has gained a solid position in classical computer games and the game has a high number of users around the world. This game is based on creating and developing a new civilization. And the players must constantly communicate with each other to complete the tasks and commands. In this sense, this game is among the ones that are beneficial for English communication.

5) World of Warcraft

Without any doubt, World of Warcraft (WOW) is one of the most popular games with millions of users. This game has highly complex and multiple tasks, and it enables chatting online with different users from different countries. This way, you can improve your English speaking skills. On the other hand, this game commonly has both general and technical terms. So, WOW is both a fun and beneficial game if you want to learn English words and terms.

6) Professor Garfield: Reading Ring

If you are at the beginning of your English learning journey and if you like puzzle games, Reading Ring game will be beneficial. In this game, you need to correctly link and order puzzle pieces to save lovely cartoon character Garfield and answer consecutive questions. When you click on the caricature pieces, the texts are read out loud. This game provides an entertaining environment to improve your English reading and listening skills. Additionally, this game has rich visual content and this will contribute to your vocabulary while making English words permanent.

Regardless of your English level, if you want to have a better level, you can visit the English Ninjas platform and experience the difference to learn English in a fun environment with native English speaking tutors.

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