Doctors Claim a Miracle Saved the Man

It was an unfortunate yet miraculous day for Ed Burkett. He was on the golf course with a group of his friends, where they play golf four or five days a week. It was Thursday, and the game was exciting, because they were playing for money.

Suddenly, Mr. Burkett starting having extreme chest pains and he told one of his friends that he needed help. They rushed him to the hospital, where he suffered a heart attack.

Dr. Gary Fazio, his cardiologist, said that Mr. Burkett’s was in a very bad condition. So bad, in fact, that his heart stopped 44 times, and doctors had to perform countless defibrillations to keep him alive. Normally, that would be enough to kill a person, but Mr. Burkett survived. His team of doctors was amazed, saying that this was nothing short of a miracle.

Mr. Burkett had to spend 12 days in the hospital, eight of which he was unconscious. But less than one month after literally dying 44 times, he was back on the golf course with his friends.

Doctors said that the odds of him surviving this incident were about 1.75 million to one. In fact, his relatives had actually started putting a down payment on his funeral. However, the story of his survival has lifted the spirits of the entire hospital.

He says that his near-death experience didn’t really change him much, except for the fact that he now attends church every day, which he didn’t do before. He is confident, that even if he were to die, he would go to heaven.


  1. Miraculous – remarkable and bringing very welcome consequences
  2. Heart attack – the death of heart muscle due to the loss of blood supply
  3. Defibrillation ­– administering a controlled electric shock to the heart, to allow it to restore to its normal rhythm
  4. Unconscious – not awake and aware of and responding to one’s environment
  5. Literally – in a literal manner or sense; exactly
  6. Odds – the chances or likelihood of something happening
  7. Down payment – an initial payment made when something is bought on credit

Questions for discussion

  1. Do you believe faith was a factor in saving Mr. Burkett’s life? Explain your answer.
  2. Do you think Mr. Burkett has made the right decision to continue playing golf after his heart attack? Explain your answer.
  3. In what ways do you think a near-death experience can change a person?


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