Educational And Fun English Cartoons

Lots of parents are looking for educational and entertaining cartoons that will be helpful to their children who learn English. It is difficult to make the most appropriate and beneficial choice nowadays where cartoons for children are very diverse.

Some cartoons may cause negative behavior or attention-deficit disorder in children so it is very important that you know completely what your child is watching when you let him/her watch cartoons. With their young minds, children are much faster than adults in language learning and also acquiring all kinds of positive and negative behaviors. With the right cartoons, your child can learn a lot of new words and improve his/her English vocabulary and also can obtain new information about science, life and nature.

We have created a list of cartoons for you that will help your child learn English and entertain him/her in the meantime. Those cartoons will help your child learn useful information while having fun. It is possible to find some of these cartoons with English subtitles. You can choose one of them depending on your child’s age and English level. Your child also will be familiar with English by watching these cartoons if he/she doesn’t yet know and speak English.

You can take a look at the list of English developing cartoons below and start watching right now.

1 – Little Einsteins

In this cartoon, four little explorers go to missions around the world with their UFO-like vehicle. In each episode, children acquire new knowledge about geography and culture while they are doing different tasks in another place of the world. This educational cartoon also introduces children to classical music and famous artworks.

– The first season of this two-season cartoon has 29 episodes and the second season has 40 episodes. Each episode lasts 24 minutes.

– American made Little Einsteins can be watched on different platforms such as YouTube, Amazon and Disney Plus.

2- Blaze and the Monster Machines

This cartoon is a very educational one for children, and is about nine friendly vans with different abilities. In each episode, fun, interactive and instructive subjects are discussed. This cartoon especially focuses on science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

– The cartoon has five seasons and each season has 20 episodes. Each episode takes 22 minutes.

– You can watch American English Blaze and the Monster Machines cartoon series on Nick Jr., Dailymotion or YouTube.

3- Dinosaur Train

In this cartoon, dinosaurs are going to have adventures in prehistoric forests and swamps, visiting volcanoes and other interesting natural formations by using a train. An educational cartoon, Dinosaur Train, gives children lots of information about different types of dinosaurs, trains, natural history and paleontology. This entertaining and exciting cartoon gives children basic scientific thinking skills.

– The cartoon has five seasons and it has 40, 26, 13, 10 and 11 episodes respectively. Each episode takes 28 minutes.

– You can watch American English Dinosaur Train cartoon series on PBS KIDS, Amazon or YouTube.

4 – Octonauts

Captain Barnacles and eight members of the adventure team like to be heroes who save the day when problems occur in the oceans. These little heroes protect the habitat under the oceans and on the coasts working together. In this entertaining cartoon, children learn lots of things about the marine life and protection of the environment.

– This cartoon has 52 episodes on TV and also has six books.

– This British English cartoon made in England and Ireland and can be watched on Netflix, Amazon or YouTube.

5 – Sid the Science Kid

This cartoon tells us about the adventures of a curious boy named Sid and his schoolmates, and we can see how the motive of curiosity can be used to bring science into the life of children. In each episode, children ask some questions about what they encounter in their lives and they are encouraged to find answers and think analytically working as scientists.

– The two-season cartoon has 66 episodes, and a film was also made in 2013.

– You can watch Sid the Science Kid cartoon series in American English on PBS KIDS, Dailymotion or YouTube.

6 – Word World

The words come to life in this cartoon. In each episode, how the letters and words are used are told in a simple story with a narrator and animal characters. Especially children who just started to learn English can benefit from Word World to learn letters, sounds and spelling.

– The three-season cartoon has 45 episodes and each episode is 28 minutes long.

– You ca watch Word World cartoon series in American English on PBS KIDS, Amazon, Dailymotion or YouTube.

7 – Paw Patrol

This cartoon named Paw Patrol tells about the heroism of little Ryder and his canine friends. Each dog in the cartoon is of different breeds and has special abilities based on real life professions. For example, Chase is a German Shepherd that acts as a police officer. Another example, Zumba, is a Labrador that goes to rescue operations in the water. Children learn to solve problems and teamwork with different topics covered in each episode.

– Seven-season cartoon has 182 episodes. Each episode lasts 11 minutes and there are also 22-23 minute special episodes.

-You can watch Paw Patrol cartoon series in Canadian English on streaming platforms like Nickelodeon, TVOKids, YouTube or Netflix.

8 – Super Why

Whyatt, Red Riding Hood, Princess Pea ve Super Readers Pig are some of the characters in this cartoon, reinterpreting popular tales. The heroes enter the books and solve the problems in these fairy tales. Children can learn virtues like being polite and kind, telling the truth, being impulsive etc. in this entertaining cartoon.

– Three-season cartoon has 103 episodes, and each episode is 30 minutes long.

– You can watch Super Why cartoon series in American English on PBS KIDS, PBS, Universal Kids or YouTube and

– It is a Canadian cartoon series.

9 – Masha and the Bear

You can watch this beautiful Russian-made cartoon with English subtitles or voiceovers. In this cartoon, a little girl named Masha, who lives near a forest, have adventures with his friend who used to be a circus bear. Masha is a smart, gentle and also curious, restless girl and she loves to explore the world. In each episode, there are educatory contents about nature, animals and friendship. The cartoon includes lots of animal characters like rabbits, squirrels, penguins, hedgehogs, goats, chickens and dogs. Masha’s cousin Dasha, who lives in Moscow, sometimes joins the adventures of this little girl.

– The four-season cartoon has 81 episodes. Each episode is 7 minutes long.

– You can watch this cartoon on Carousel, Russia 1, Universal Kids, YouTube or Netflix.

10 – The Smurfs

This adorable cartoon with which parents are very familiar from their childhood is also a favorite one for the new generation. Our little blue heroes with different characters and abilities are fighting against their arch-nemesis Gargamel time to time while they are living in solidarity and peace in their villages. Each episode includes educatory adventures about friendship and unity.

– The smurfs is a cartoon published between 1981-1989 and besides it appears as comic books and movies. The story and the characters were first created in 1958 comic book by a French cartoonist Peyo (Pierre Culliford).

– The Smurfs, which is a very common cartoon, can be watched on almost every platform and TV channel with subtitles and voiceovers.

It is possible for people of all ages to learn new vocabulary and correct pronunciation by watching English cartoons, movies and series. On the other hand, your own effort may not be sufficient after a certain point. With English Ninjas you can find the chance to practice and advance what you learned. All you need is to make a plan that best fits your needs and daily schedule. After that, you can chat with native English instructors and practice English wherever and whenever you want from your tablets, phones or computers.

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