Emojis and Their Meanings

Do you know that first ‌emoji‌ usage dates back to 1982? On this date, everything started when a computer scientist in ‌Carnegie ‌Mellon University Scott‌ Elliot Fahlman used the first emoji “:)”. Today, with the fast growth of social media, emojis have become an indispensable part of the popular culture and therefore our lives. Emojis are considered a new symbolic language by social scientists.‌ These symbols are the greatest helper of people who start learning English.

One ‌ emoji can tell more than hundreds of words. When you learn the English meanings of these colorful and sweet symbols that are commonly used for reflecting emotions and thoughts in a way that everyone can understand, these symbols will greatly contribute to your English communication ‌skills. You can make more sincere and friendly conversations with your foreign friends when you learn English names and the usage of emojis.

English names and explanations of the most popular emojis ‌ ‌
😊 Smiling ‌face ‌with ‌smiling ‌eyes:

This emoji with smiling eyes, a closed smile and pink cheeks‌ are often used for representing genuine joy and positive emotions.

‌😀 Grinning ‌face:

This emoji with wide-open eyes and a big smile means cheer or humor.

😃 ‌Grinning ‌face ‌with ‌big ‌eyes:

As the smiling face, this symbol is for cheer and humor. Since the eyes are larger, these emotions are stronger.

😄 ‌Grinning ‌face ‌with ‌smiling ‌eyes:

Smiling eyes with a larger smile‌ are used for extreme happiness and warm feelings. You can use this symbol when you want to reflect less excitement and more sincerity and warmth.

😁 Beaming ‌face ‌with ‌smiling ‌eyes:

This emoji with a huge smile and smiling face represents happiness and excitement.

‌😆 Grinning ‌squinting ‌‌face:

This symbol is used for showing excitement and sincere laughter.

‌😅 Grinning ‌face ‌with ‌sweat:

This emoji that has beads of sweat‌ can be used for representing short-term uneasy and uncomfortable situations.‌

🤣 ‌Rolling on ‌the ‌floor ‌laughing:

You can use this emoji when you are laughing out loud and this is one of the most popular emoji around the world.‌ ‌

‌😂 Face ‌with ‌tears of ‌joy:

This is often used for representing something funny and satisfactory.

🙂 ‌Slightly ‌smiling ‌‌face:

This symbol with a more official smile can be used for representing friendly and positive emotions as well as politely showing the situation of discontent.

‌🙃 Upside-down ‌‌face:

This symbol is commonly used for irony, joke, teasing or silly things. Also, this can be used for representing surprise in unexpected situations.

😋 ‌Face ‌savoring ‌food:

This emoji represents appetite and content. You can use it when you are talking about delicious food and lovely dinner tables.‌

😛 ‌Face ‌with ‌the tongue:

You can use this emoji when you are talking about exciting, happy, silly and entertaining things as well as when you want to say, “That was a joke!”.‌

😜 ‌Winking ‌face ‌with ‌the tongue:

This has a similar meaning as the face with tongue, and you can prefer this emoji when you increase the dose of fun and silliness.‌

🤑 ‌Money-mouth ‌‌face:

If you love richness and money, you can use this emoji when you earn money or when you are successful.

‌🤗 Hugging ‌‌face:

If you show your support to your loved ones and positive emotions with a hug, this emoji is right for you.‌ Also, you can choose it when you thank someone or when you feel enthusiastic, happy or successful.‌‌

🤔 ‌Thinking ‌‌face:

You can use this symbol to represent your deep thinking process, doubt or when you are confused.

‌🤐 Zipper-mouth ‌‌face:

You can use this when someone gives you a secret, when you share a secret or when you do not want to talk more.‌

‌😐 Neutral ‌‌face:

You can prefer this emoji when you do not want to express your ideas either in a positive or negative way when you do not want to show your emotions.‌‌ Also, you can use this emoji when you want to show you are a bit anxious.

‌😶 Face ‌without ‌mouth:

This is especially used for showing negative emotions. You can use this emoji when you are disappointed, when your expectations are not met, when you do not want to talk or when you are unhappy.‌

‌😏 Smirking ‌‌face:

This emoji with a half-smile and raised eyebrows often represents flirting.‌ Also, it can be used as a cunning expression.

‌😒 Unamused ‌‌face: ‌

This emoji with eyes slightly looking to the side and sneering represents negative emotions.‌ You can use this in a situation that you do not approve, like or when you have doubts.

‌🙄 Face ‌with ‌rolling ‌eyes:

Generally, this symbol represents negative emotions or annoying situations like despising or disapproval. You can also use it when you want to keep things short or when you unwillingly approve something.

‌😬 Grimacing ‌‌face:

This symbol represents negative situations or tension. You can represent your anger, clumsy behaviors or when you experience clumsiness, anxiety, shame or weird feelings with this emoji.

🤥 ‌Lying ‌‌face:

We all know Pinocchio whose nose gets longer when he lies. This is a cute emoji ‌you can use when you are lying.

😠 ‌Angry ‌‌face:

You can use this emoji when you are angry or when you face a situation that you do not want to face.‌‌

‌😉 Winking ‌‌face:

This emoji that represents joke, flirt, secret meanings and positive emotions can be used for thought-provoking and playful answers.‌‌

😇 ‌Smiling ‌face ‌with ‌halo:

Generally, this is used for angels, prayers and blessing. Also, you can use this for your good behaviors or things that you feel happy and appreciated.

😍 ‌Smiling ‌face ‌with heart-‌eyes:

This emoji means enthusiastic love, admiration and intense love and you can use it when you communicate with your loved ones or when you are talking about something you love.‌

😘 ‌Face ‌blowing a ‌kiss:

This emoji best represents goodbye or good night wishes‌. And this is one of the most common emoji you will use when you are communicating with people to share your love.‌

‌😗 Kissing ‌‌face:

Like the face blowing a kiss, this emoji represents love and love-related emojis.‌ In some cases, it can be used for representing whistling.

‌☺️ Smiling ‌‌face:

This is the most classical emoji used for representing warmth, positive emotions and happiness.‌

😚 ‌Kissing ‌face ‌with ‌closed ‌eyes:

When you want to show romantic love and ‌compassion emotions, you can easily use this emoji.

Today, there are more than 3000 emojis and the number of them is increasing every day. Although it is impossible to know the meaning of every emoji, you can reach a higher level when you know the English meanings of the most popular emojis. If you want to speak and write English better, join English Ninjas and practice with English speaking tutors.

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