English Names of Popular Musical Instruments

One of the many different circumstances where you will probably need to use English phrases is the topic of music and musical instruments. Knowing English words for these instruments will give you the chance to show your general knowledge when conversations take place both in your daily life and work life. And maybe, you will even have a chance to display the skills you have on this field.

In this article, you can find English names of the most popular musical instruments, and these words will be listed in alphabetical order to help you with remembering the names easier. English words for some of the basic music terms like percussion, string, wind, bowstring and keyboard music instruments are also included in this article to improve your music vocabulary.

At the end of this article, there is a section where there various examples of using the words in context, showing you how to use all these instruments and music terms in English sentences, and these examples will help you to better remember these words. Since the majority of English instrument names are similar to words in Turkish and other languages, you will not have much difficulty when you are learning them.

Music Instruments Starting with Letter A







Acoustic guitar

Music Instruments Starting with Letter B









Bass drum

Bass guitar



Music Instruments Starting with Letter C



Classical guitar


Music Instruments Starting with Letter D








Double bass

Music Instruments Starting with Letter E






Electric guitar

Music Instruments Starting with Letter F


Music Instruments Starting with Letter G



Grand piano

Music Instruments Starting with Letter H



Hand drum

Horn / French horn

Music Instruments Starting with Letter K

Kettle drum


Music Instruments Starting with Letter M










Music Instruments Starting with Letter O



Music Instruments Starting with Letter P




Music Instruments Starting with Letter R


Music Instruments Starting with Letter S







Saz / Musical instrument

Shrill pipe

Music Instruments Starting with Letter T







Music Instruments Starting with Letter U


Music Instruments Starting with Letter V









Music Instruments Starting with Letter X


Without any doubt, you will frequently encounter these words in your books, magazines, TV shows, films and conversations in English. If you don’t want to worry about “What was the meaning of that?”, “Which instrument was that?”, “Can I give the correct answer to that?”, don’t forget to review this list regularly, write it somewhere or prepare memory cards to frequently repeat the words.

Instrument Types and Other Music Terms

Each of the instruments above belongs to a certain instrument group. Without learning the English versions of these groups, you will not understand this topic completely. You can find the English phrases for music instrument groups on the following list:

  • Keyboard instruments
  • Wind instruments
  • String instruments
  • Bowstring instruments
  • Percussion instruments

You probably started to learn gradually about instrument groups in addition to the separate names of the musical instruments in English.

Now, imagine a scenario where you want to talk to a native English speaker about music. You will talk about your favorite music genres or a concert you have recently been to. How would you express yourself? In these cases, it will be a huge plus to know about the English names of the most popular music terms.

You can find these music terms on the list below:
  • Chord
  • Acoustic
  • Album
  • Country music
  • Harmony
  • Drummer
  • Live music
  • Jazz music
  • To listen
  • Electronic music
  • Instrument
  • Instrumental
  • Movie soundtrack
  • Guitarist
  • Folk music
  • Fan
  • Hit song
  • Karaoke
  • Recording
  • Classical music
  • Concert
  • Chorist
  • Chorus
  • Melody
  • Agent/Manager
  • Music
  • To play music
  • To play an instrument
  • Band
  • Musical notes/Notes
  • Musician
  • Orchestra
  • Pianist
  • Rhythm*
  • Stage
  • Artist
  • Audio
  • To sing
  • Lyrics
  • Singer
  • Genre
  • Vocal
  • Producer

* Spelling of the English word “rhythm” is frequently confused. Please note that on contrary to many other languages, this word does not have any vowels in English.

When you talk about music, you will no longer struggle with the music vocabulary and you will remember the musical terms that you have read in this article.

Using the Names of the English Music Instruments in a Sentence

When you are learning any topic in the English language, you need to support your vocabulary with examples of sentences about that topic. Below, you can find various sentences examples with these terms and different aspects of music. With these sentences, you will never forget the English names for popular music instruments and you will be able to reach a level where you can easily use these words in your daily conversations.

  • She plays the piano really well.
  • She used to be a chorist.
  • Do you play any instrument?
  • I know how to play the guitar.
  • He loves jazz music. He always goes to jazz concerts.
  • When I was in high school, I formed a band with my close friends.
  • I love singing, even though I don’t have a nice voice.
  • The orchestra put on a great show yesterday.
  • This movie has such an awesome soundtrack.
  • She is a huge fan of the Beatles.
  • I don’t really like acoustic music. It bores me.
  • She is going to release her new album tomorrow.
  • Do you like electronic music?
  • String instruments include violin, viola, cello, double bass and harp.
  • Clarinet, flute, saxophone and trombone are examples of wind instruments.
  • I can play the bass guitar, but not an electric guitar.
  • She is a talented harmonica player.
  • The stage at the concert was really big.
  • Can you play some music for me?
  • He is a balalaika player. It is such an interesting instrument!

Now, you know the English names of popular musical instruments and main music terms in English, and you have good command of how to use these words in a sentence. Other than practicing on your own in order to improve your English language level, do not forget to benefit from English Ninjas platform!

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