Everything You Need to Know About Facebook English Interview

As one of the largest social networks with millions of global users, Facebook continues to grow and expand with developing technology, the needs and expectation of the people. Therefore, Facebook is the most popular company for employees as well as the users.

Everything You Need to Know About Facebook English Interview

Facebook, which was launched by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 and connects people in different countries in an online environment, was first designed for Harvard University students to communicate with each other. Then, this social network expanded to other universities and soon it was used by high schools and companies. Today, anyone from 7 to 70 can contact anyone in another country via Facebook account, share information and post on different fields such as groups, pages and communities. And only an e-mail address is sufficient to do that.

Facebook, one of the most visited websites around the world, is a pioneer in social network concept when the following websites are considered. Facebook acts as a mediator for millions of users to communicate and share information also enables employment options for thousands of people. While there are various job positions such as management and administration and design, the company prioritize positions in programming, content security and content management.

Previously, Facebook has announced 3000 individuals will be hired in 2017 to prevent and control sharing violent content. And in 2019, Facebook published a job ad to employ 1000 people to its Dublin campus. In this sense, it is possible to find job ads and position to work on Facebook.

Well, what are the work conditions and benefits in Facebook? Or how does employment and interview process progress? If you want to learn the answers to these questions, you can read the details below.

Why Do People Want to Work in Facebook?

Facebook is one of the top companies that people want to work. Well, why do people want to work in Facebook? Actually, this question does not have one single answer. But in short, we can say the work opportunities and career options offered by the company makes it a popular workplace.

We can summarize work opportunities and work conditions of Facebook below:


Working for a global renown company like Facebook is something cool for the employees and a good reference for their career. In this sense, company employees are in the spotlight.

Being Valued

Facebook employees say that they feel their opinions are valuable for the company. Also, the company approaches to employees with complete trust. So, any employee desires all these values are among the criteria.

Constant Learning and Self-Development Opportunities

Facebook, a social network operating in online environment, continues to update and develop based on developments in technology and user expectations. Of course, employees have the chance to learn new things and develop themselves in this process.

Transparent Management and Flexible Hierarchical Structure

Facebook, which has a structure to value the employees, has a transparent management approach in terms of hierarchy. Such that a low-level employee can directly address to the CEO. On the other hand, the company organizes meetings and entertainment with lower and upper-level employees to increase the communication between employees.

Competitive Price Policy

Of course, money does not mean everything. However, we all think about how much we will earn when we choose a job. Therefore, at this stage, Facebook is highly competitive. The company ensures employee satisfaction with satisfactory price policy and side benefits.


Company policies offer good self-development and career opportunities for talented employees. If you are talented and if you show your talents, you can easily get a higher position in the company.

Facebook Recruitment Process

After reading the opportunities offered by Facebook to employees, you might want to work in this unicorn company. Well then, what is Facebook recruitment process and how many stages are there?

First, there are many candidate applications for working on Facebook. The company has approximately 300-350 thousand applications per year. In this sense, you will find yourself in fierce competition. However, if you are qualified enough, it is not impossible to be a Facebook employee.

Many job positions are available during the Facebook recruitment process. The company recruits qualified people in marketing and sales, lawyers and designers but mainly recruits web content and security experts and computer programmers.

English Interview Stages

If you want to work in a global company like Facebook, you must have advanced English knowledge. In the first stage of recruitment, they evaluate your CV and if you match with the related position, they will schedule the first interview. In this interview, you will answer questions about your education and your experience. Additionally, this stage involved questions to test your creativity, skills, leadership properties and English communication skills.

When you pass the first interview, you are invited to Silicon Valley, the headquarters of Facebook, for a second English interview. Facebook covers all the travel expenses. During the second interview, you need to answer the questions of other employees and managers related to your applied position. Generally, with this interview, they will measure your skills to see if you are fit to the work environment. Also, in this interview they measures your English communication skills.

After the second interview, you are ready to be a Facebook employee. But you might need to complete an additional test for some positions based on technique and programming. And yes, as you have guessed, this test is in English.

Based on the entire process we can say that Facebook interviews are challenging. On the other hand, the philosophy of Facebook human resources says that employees must be individuals who can take initiatives, who are self-confident and who have a creative mind. Consequently, if you have done substantial things, like being in certain project, managing important processes or developing a popular program tool, make your skills visible, you will have an advantage in this process. Of course, your perfect English will take you one step forward.

Facebook Sample English Interview Questions
  • How many birthday messages do you think are shared on Facebook on any given day? (Data scientist interview question)
  • How would you make a TV controller simpler? (Product designer interview question)
  • How many vacuum cleaners do you think there are in the U.S.? (Risk analyst interview question)
  • If you had to redesign a bank ATM, how would you do it? What would you add and change?
  • ‌What would you do if you had all the data on Facebook? (Product analyst interview question)
  • ‌Can you estimate the amount of money spent on the internet? (Accounting manager interview question)
  • What is the estimated number of Big Mac burgers sold annually in America? (Data engineer interview question)
  • ‌If you saw photo uploads on Facebook halved, how would you create an action plan? (Operations expert interview question)
  • ‌What do you do to detect a fake user profile on Facebook? (Data security expert interview question)
  • If you were asked to design a Facebook page for the visually impaired, how would you do that? (Product manager interview question)
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