House of Cards-Tv Series

“House of Cards”


Netflix began as a service that provided movies and TV shows streaming online. However, in the last few years, Netflix has added quite a few original films and series that have arguably become more popular than traditional series on popular networks such as CBS, NBC, etc.


One such popular TV series whose fifth season just released is “House of Cards.” The show is characterised as a dark American political drama set in the present-day. The main characters Frank Underwood and his wife Claire Underwood are methodical politicians who are constantly trying to advance in their positions within the government by all means necessary. The legality of their decisions is often not important to them.


The Underwoods can be characterised as a power couple. When one of them is weak or in a bad situation, the other always steps in to be strong for the both of them. Although both of them like to feel powerful, they are both aware that they cannot exceed without the other at their side.


Although the show is fictional, it seems to have gained popularity because it regularly comments on current events occurring in the United States. For example, throughout the show, the relations between the President of the United States and the President of Russia are strained just as they have been traditionally in real life.


After five seasons of the show, fans are left wondering what else the Underwoods could possibly want, as they seem to have reached their goal already. However, just as the writers of the show have kept audiences entertained for five seasons, it seems that they will have no problem doing it again with season six.



Characterised- description of the nature or features of something

Methodical- planned out thought and behaviour

Strained- tense or uncomfortable



  1. What is “House of Cards” about?
  2. Why is the show popular amongst viewers?
  3. How has Netflix changed from when it began to what it is now?


  1. With your tutor, discuss any TV shows in your country that are related to government. Compare “House of Cards” to your show.
  2. Think about all the couples that you know. Can you characterise any of them as a “power couple”?

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