How can I Improve my English Online?

How can I improve my English online?

The best ways to improve your English online are obvious. You can read, write, and watch, and listen. The best is way to do this is by doing all of what I listed in the previous sentence in addition to talking.

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1. Read

Reading is the best way to improve your vocabulary when learning English. By reading, you expose yourself to new words and new ways those words can be used. As you know, English is a very rich language and many of its words can have many meanings and synonyms. The best way you can improve your Egnlish online is by reading articles on subjects that you are familiar with. The more familiar you are with the subject, the easier it will be to adapt the newly learned words into your daily conversation and understanding. The best part about reading is that you don’t need anyone else to improve your English skills in this way. All you need is a mobile phone or laptop and you are ready to start challening yourself by reading in English.


2. Write

Find a forum that interests you and start sharing your thoughts and ideas on that platform. Once again, if you are familiar with a topic, it will be much easier for you to write about it. Now, your writing won’t be perfect, but once you start making friends in the forum of your choice, you can ask the other forum members to help correct the mistakes you’ve made in your posts. People are always willing to lend a helping hand and by using those online forums, you will make new friends and you will improve your writing skills.

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3. Watch

There are tons of free resources when trying to learn English via videos and live streaming. No matter what the topic is, there is a video about it with an English speaking person. Are you interested in video games? Subscribe a twitch feed of a gamer who plays your favorite game. Are you into sports? There are tons of sports news websites and videos that will keep you updated on your favorite teams in English.

Youtube is a completely separate platform on its own and has videos on almost every topic. Watch everything and everyone with and without subtitles. The more you watch these videos, the more you can use the information and data give to you in your daily lives and conversation. All you do is take information you received in one location and then you apply it to another way of communication.

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4. Listen

Another great source for learning and improving your English is by listening. Yes, you can watch videos, but not everyone can visually pay attention to videos all the time. Your next best option is to listen to podcasts. Just like videos, there are podcasts on 100s of different topics. You can listen, learn, rewind and listen again. During your commute, before or after you sleep, and even when you’re exercising, listening to podcasts is one of the best way of internalizing the English language.

5. Do them all at the same time with English Ninjas

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