How can I Improve my Vocabulary?

How can I improve my English vocabulary?

1. Make a list

First thing is first. Start with making a list or many lists of all of the words you want to start using in your daily English conversations. These lists should be for the different parts of your life. You will have a list of vocabulary words for your home life, your hours at work, your hobbies, and weekends. Basically, whatever scenario you find yourself in, you will create a list of words that may apply to you at those times and settings.

When making the list, I suggest doing this in excel, have 3 columns. 1 column for the word. 2nd column for the definition. 3rd column for an example sentence it may be used. You can further divide your lists based on difficulty of the word or by frequency in terms of how much you want to practice it in that current time frame.

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2. Read and Repeat

Whenever you have free time, take out your list of words and start using them. Go over them as if you are studying for a test. The more you expose yourself to the words and their meanings and usage, the more you will feel comfortable using them in real life. On the bus, on the metro, while waiting for your next meeting in the office, use your time wisely and improve yourself with your lists. If you’re in the office, take out your business English list and start your reading and repetition. You can also use flash cards for each word and that way you can mix the order of the words that are presented to you.

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3. Start reading

This is one of the best ways to get used to using the words that you have to practice. When you see the words being used in different context, you will gain a deeper understanding of how the words can be used in different situations and styles. Read magazines, read articles, and read books that may include these words because the more you read them, the better you will feel. This works with the repetition. The more you read, the more exposure you will have to those words and it will get easier.

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4. Use the Vocabulary!

Now it’s time to put yourself to the test. Start using the words that you know in your daily life. Text it to your friends, use it when you’re at lunch with your coworkers, or even impress your boss with your newly learned vocabulary. Here is the secret when using the vocabulary: Just use it. People will let you know if you are using it incorrectly. The more you use it in your daily activities, the more comfortable you will feel using it anywhere.

When you are using the vocabulary, make it your own. Don’t just try to add it to your daily conversation without thought. Use it with feelings. When you attach emotions to your words (as you do already) you will be using the word to get its highest effect. You will internalize the word and it will become a part of you as opposed to just memorizing the word for memorization sake.

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