How to Choose the Best English Tutor

English tutors come with all different teaching and communication styles. epending on what you’re looking for, below is a list of what you should look out for when choosing someone to go on this journey with. You want to make sure the tutor you’re working with is the best for you and has your best interest in mind.

Are they energetic?

I don’t know about you, but when I meet a new person I want them to be as excited and enthusiastic about teaching English as I am about learning it. Does this person across from you give you the motivation to want to learn and improve yourself without even talking? If you can answer yes to this, then you have found a tutor who is going to make learning fun and enjoyable.

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Did you learn something new?

Progress will be slow at times and sometimes it will be quick. Do you feel yourself getting better? One of the most important things during each lesson is did you learn something new? Whether it’s grammar, pronunciation, or an idiom; is this tutor helping you expand your horizons? Any tutor can help you practice, but this is up to the student. The tutor will provide you with how to practice and what to practice, but this should not be done so much with your tutor. Make sure the tutor provides you with new information or perspective when improving your speaking, listening, or comprehension skills in English every session.

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How do you feel after your session?

This is the biggest indicator of how your lesson went with your tutor and will determine whether or not you will meet with them again or look for a new one. How do you feel overall? The main thing that tutors should be making you feel after your session is confident. Are you more confident now than before the lesson? If you can say “I had a productive lesson and I am certain I am a better speaker and communicator in English”, then the tutor has done their job and this should excite you.

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Do they leave thoughtful feedback?

Feedback is critical. Did the tutor leave you with thoughtful feedback that shows they were engaged and listening to what you discussed during your lesson? Did they tell you what you did well? Did they let you know what you need to improve one? Did they provide a road map of where your upcoming sessions will go and what kind of improvement to expect? All of these questions are critical when evaluating tutor feedback. If they show that they have listened to you and have given you the direction in which you need to go, then your tutor has done a great job with providing feedback.

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