How to Pronounce the Names of Months in English?

The way to speak good and fluent English is through learning sentence structures, grammar rules, sufficient number of words and the correct pronunciation of the worlds, and thus gaining language affinity. In order to successfully express yourself in this language, it is important for you to be able to trust your vocabulary and to be sure about the pronunciation of the words.

Time concepts have a great place and role in the English language, especially in daily life. When you are speaking English as a foreign language, you will frequently use words that describe the time and date. You should not only use these words but also know their pronunciations while you are setting a date for a meeting.

Months in English and Their Pronunciation






Months in English and their pronunciation in English is among the first steps of English training and these words have an important place in daily life as well as business life. Anyone who is learning English should memorize the months in English with their pronunciation in the shortest time possible. When you think there is a total of twelve months, actually it is not that hard to learn the words. Some of the English months are similar to their names in many other languages. This will make things also easier for you.

Then, let’s start learning now! Below, you can find the complete list of months in English and how to pronounce these months. (Remember that the pronunciation can change from dialect to dialect. The following is the American way.)
  • January (/’gian.iu.e.ri/) 
  • February (/’fe.bru.e.ri/)
  • March (/’ma:tc/)
  • April (/’ei.pril/)
  • May (/’mei/)
  • June (/’giun/)
  • July (/giu’lai/)
  • August (/’o:.gust/)
  • September (/sep’
  • October (/ok’
  • November (/nou’
  • December (/di’

After learning the months in English and starting to use these words comfortably in your daily conversations, you will be one step closer to a higher level of command in the English language. You can learn other time concepts like days and years with months in order to use English time phrases in your daily life and make your communications more fluent and reliable.

If you are doing a business where the concept of time is important and if you are constantly dealing with dates; i.e. days, months, years in your daily agenda, it is important for you to learn the months in English and other time units with their pronunciation. Even when you go abroad for touristic purposes, you may really need these English words expressing time. Most basically you should understand the opening and closing dates of historical and touristic venues you want to visit so that you can travel without any need for help from anyone.

In short, the months in English are at the top of your English words’ list you must learn.

Sample Sentences with English Months

The most basic and golden rule to learn any foreign languages is to practice as much as you can. When you learn a new English word, you need to use this word in a sentence to make it permanent in your long-term memory and to learn different uses in daily life.

We will give a few examples to show how months in English are used in a sentence, and thus to help you remember them better:

  • December is the last month of the year.

You can ask which month it is by using the following phrase:

  • “What month is it?”

You can answer this question as follows:

  • “It is May.”

The months in English are generally used in a sentence as given above. However, depending on the context and purpose, you can form various sentences like these. You need to look at English grammar rules in detail to know which prepositions come before months and how to express the dates.

For example, you need to use “in” preposition of the month names in English. This rule is valid even if you have the year next to the month.

  • I will travel to Turkey in June.
  • I will travel to Turkey in June 2020.

Having completely learned the month names in English and including these words in your daily conversations, your sentences will get better over time. After making sufficient practices, you will notice that you do not need to think every time about the names of the months and you will just using them spontaneously.

Tips to Learn Months in English

You can practice based on the list above for English month names and their pronunciations. In this process, it is possible to mention some exercising and practicing methods to help you. Thanks to these methods, you can learn new English words by internalizing them rather than just memorizing.

First of these methods is getting help from songs. You can learn and reinforce English time concepts and dates with songs special for these concepts and prepared for individuals who are trying to learn the language. You can easily find these songs online. With these fun songs, you can have the chance to improve both your English language and pronunciation skills and your knowledge about English month names in particular.

In addition to songs in English, you can also watch English videos on different topics. When you repeat your theoretical knowledge with visual tools, you can help the new knowledge be permanent in your memory.

Other than songs and videos, you can also follow another enjoyable and mobile practicing method to learn the months in English and their pronunciations. For example, you can prepare mini cards with English months and their pronunciation on them. With these word cards that you can carry anywhere you go, you will have the chance to repeat the words regardless of time and place and you will have the chance to practice frequently.

Do Not Postpone Learning English

Learning a language requires patience, effort and discipline. But when you consider that English has become a highly global language and will be in any part of your life regardless of where you are, there is no doubt that your efforts will worth the trouble. When you make sufficient practice and put the necessary effort, just like in any other English topic, you will not have difficulty in learning the names of the months with their pronunciations and will be able to start using them in your daily conversations in no time.

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