How to Write a Birthday Invitation in English

Among the most special moments of a year are the birthdays that each of us celebrate once a year. Birthdays are priceless to wish well to the people you know and to hear good wishes from them. And giving your most sincere message to your guests with your meticulously prepared birthday invitations is one of the best ways to show how much effort you spent for them. Invitations that are commonly used in British and American culture are the perfect way to invite an individual to a birthday party. But as in all invitations, there are certain words and grammar structures you need to use in these cards. In the article below, you can find birthday invitations in English you can use when you are inviting a foreign friend.

Birthday Invitation Samples in English

Baby Birthday Invitation Templates






Baby birthday invitation cards often have sweeter and smoother patterns, such as “You are invited to our 1st Year Party”, “This is a princess party” or “I would be happy to see you in my 2nd Birthday”. Of course, the baby won’t be able to see or understand the card, but the parents will appreciate the language you use.

It’s a Princess Party! Come in your favourite princess gown and put your pretty tiara and we’ll celebrate Olivia’s 4th Birthday!

Saturday, November 10th / 123 Main Street, Charlotte.

Join Us For the 1st Birthday Celebration! The cake may be small and the host even smaller… But the fun will be huge and the food more than you can eat!

Saturday 20/12/2018 7 pm / Maharashtra 400001, Mumbai

You were there when I smiled for the first time. You were there when I took my first steps… Now, I want you to be there when I celebrate My First Birthday.

Carol’s Home, April 22nd, 3 pm.

Child and Teenager Birthday Invitation Templates

Child birthday invitation cards are a little bit different than baby birthday invitation cards, as they revolve around a specific theme, whether it is a girl’s night or an animal world theme. Sometimes these parties happen to be costume parties. If so, you should note on your card that the guests need to bring costumes.

It’s a Fun Party! We’ll stay up late & have tons of fun, come on over and we’ll get out nails done! Chloe’s 10th Birthday.

Saturday, 8th June, 8 pm / Polkadot Purple Villa, 8909

You are invited to a Spa day in Paris! Grab your favourite doll and come relax with the birthday girl! Mariah is turning six!

July 22nd, 1:00 pm / The Coventry Apartments, 20006

Join us for a shimmering, sparkling Unicorn Party, Celebrating Janice’s 7th Birthday!

Saturday, July 13, 1 pm / Janice’s House RSVP:

Twenty one! Birthday Party in honour of Katy Pearson. Saturday, May 6th at 6:30 pm / Call Katy for other details.

Adult Birthday Invitation Templates






Adult birthday invitation cards should address to adult guest, but this doesn’t mean that they should be more boring than baby or child birthday invitation cards (can be more serious, though). Keep up a lively tone while writing a birthday invitation, and, of course, don’t forget about the crucial details, just like any invitation text you would prepare.

Cheers to the Birthday Girl! Jackie is turning 30!

Saturday 30th of July at 8:30 pm / International Hotel, Melbourne / RSVP to Sandra

It’s Party Time! Julian will be 30 years old, join us for the party Saturday, August 27 8:00 pm, 28 Avenue of the Arts, Atlanta City. Thank you for your answer before August 10.

As you can see, birthday cards must be written in different forms for different age groups. At every age different themes and party attractions are specified. But there are some common points that may cause a trouble if you do not write them on the invitations. Therefore, it is important to know what are must-have things on a birthday invitation.

How to Write a Birthday Invitation in English?

  1. First of all, you need to mention who this party is organized for or who’s birthday it is. There are 4 questions to be answered on a birthday invitation: who, where, when and what. The first thing on the invitation must respond to the “who” question; because people would like to know whose party they are attending. To start with, you can simply say, “It’s Karen’s Birthday”. Since you are inviting your family and friends, starting with the name will be sufficient.
  2. After this opening, you need to explain why the party is organized. At this point, many people prefer including the age. “Karen is turning 40” can be given as an example.
  3. Then, you need to add when the party is organized. This is an important piece of information so you need to describe it in detail. You cannot stop just by saying “Saturday, 3 pm”. The correct order will be: “The party is on Sunday, February 29, from 3 pm to 6 pm”.
  4. Also, don’t forget to tell the guests the venue they will come. Try to give the information of the location as accurately as possible even if it is a restaurant, your home or someone else’s home. Never start by thinking that guests will know your home address. If the party is at Karen’s house, it is better to add a detail like “The party will be held at Karen’s, at 123 Pine, Maintown”.
  5. Lastly, to learn how many people will participate, make sure to ask RSVP. While RSVP was mainly responded with a mail in the past, today people do it on the phone. You can close the invitation with “Please RSVP to Mary, 202-555-111)”.

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