Is it possible to learn English with hypnosis?

Knowing a foreign language is a must-have quality among today’s professionals. Now, even knowing one foreign language is insufficient; individuals who are speaking more than one language like their mother tongue doubtlessly have a great advantage in employment, school applications and other similar assessments. Especially when English is the case, it is not possible to say, “I don’t know” under current conditions. English is the language of both science and trade. People must learn English to keep up with this age. Proportional to this need and requirement, foreign language teaching for children starts in pre-school period. What is more, if one of the parents speaks in the mother tongue and the other one speaks in a foreign language during infancy period, there are approaches advocating that the child can learn both languages in a fast and fluent way.

It is a bit complicated and hard for the generation that missed this change and transformation in foreign language teaching. Anyone who fails to encounter English at an early period needs to fill this gap rapidly. Foreign language learning preferences of this group is commonly based on choosing the method that reaches the results in the easiest and fastest way. Well, is it possible to teach foreign language education expanding the entire education life just in one week? Can you learn a language without any challenges and by skipping reading-writing-memorizing processes? How about learning English when you are sleeping? Is such a learning method even possible?

You can find the review of hypnosis that attracts great attention and discussed recently in English learning, with all the pros and cons, under the light of scientific information.

What is hypnosis?

Before talking about the English learning aspect of this topic, it is important to learn about hypnosis and its position in science. With the simplest definition, hypnosis is a special state of consciousness created in individuals by using certain phrases or supporting objects. An individual who is put into a trance state becomes insensitive against all the triggers like light, voice or odor during hypnosis, and the individual is in semi-awake state.

People use Hypnosis as a supportive method to get deep into subconsciousness of an individual in psychology, which is the origin of this method, because studies show that during hypnosis, individual has high level of focus on the individual conducting hypnosis and complies with that individual. Hypnotherapy is the name of the treatment and the experts of this field must conduct this treatment..

Well, can hypnosis that has such an important position in the science of psychology and that is applied by experts be beneficial in learning foreign language without any effort?

Is it possible to learn English with hypnosis?

After this point, the issue becomes debatable, because when we analyze the related scientific studies, there is an evidence proving that people don’t forget words and phenomenon learned under hypnosis easily. Individual can easily remember the topics after the hypnosis, but there are no studies proving that a completely foreign language learning is possible with this method. In other words, scientists have not proved claims related to the effectiveness of this method. With short reasoning, it is possible to understand that hypnosis is not a sufficient method to learn English.

Let’s list the underlying reasons:

Learning a foreign language is a cognitive activity where multiple areas on the brain are activated simultaneously. It is not a simple memorizing process. Subconsciousness cannot execute this on its own. The brain needs to act proactively and comment. But the individual is passive in hypnosis. This means, individual is closed to all triggers other than triggers injected by the expert who is conducting the hypnosis; naturally, it is not possible to execute another cognitive process.


English is a language with different spelling and pronunciation. Therefore, an individual needs to see the texts in the learning process. This requires the brain region that is responsible for visual functions to be extremely active. Assume that someone hypnotize you when your eyes are open. This is not possible as well, because language does not only consist of words. When learning English, the process is not for memory only. Verbs, sentence orders, conjugates, in short, transforming words into meaningful structure is again a process that involves an extremely complex and intense cognitive activation. Therefore, it is not possible for subconsciousness to show this performance when consciousness is passive.


A theoretical subject about the method is related to information sharing between consciousness and subconsciousness. Scientific resources have not clearly reported the direction of information flow between consciousness and subconsciousness. You cannot take an item from your subconscious to the conscious through repetition. This process is valid for the opposite case. This means, triggers experienced in daily life and at normal consciousness level can be pushed into subconsciousness. In this case, during hypnosis that addresses the subconsciousness, no one can guarantee problem-free and complete transmission of what is learned to consciousness level.


Another important factor is related to the skills of the individual who applied hypnosis. Practitioners in the science of psychology, the main area of use, receive extremely detailed and long-term training for this method. Experts of this topic gain many certifications and documents to apply these methods. There are also certain conditions and ethical rules for the researches who use this method at scientific level. Well, what happens when someone incompetent applies hypnosis? How can negative triggers be taken back when incorrect factors are coded into the mind, as the individual receiving the hypnosis is extremely open to these triggers? Are you willing to experience such ambiguity or are you willing to take the risk?

It is extremely important to find answers to these questions. As we have said before, hypnosis is a treatment-oriented approach. Expert practitioners go into subconsciousness to solve an existing problem and recode this region to organize the items there. This job that requires serious expertise and experience cannot be completed in one session. Experts conduct sessions to know that individual in detail under normal conditions. The problem at the consciousness level is detected and the roots are handled to correct the problem. Thus, it is possible to analyze any traumas about learning a foreign language in your subconsciousness or the barriers you have built by yourself.

To summarize, there is no scientific proof that you can learn English with hypnosis. What is more, there is much evidence showing that theoretically, it is not possible. Anyone who claims to teach English with this method can at most teach the words by repetition.

What is the ideal and scientific approach to language education?

Language education is a long-term and proactive process. You need to shoulder responsibility. Although the thought of easy, fast and effortless language learning is tempting, basic dynamics of the learning process will be completely different. Instead of these trials, thinking of education models that will help you to like English will be more beneficial and these methods will address your purpose better. We can not know what advancements in the technology and scientific works will offer for language learning. Maybe we are about to meet different methods to facilitate and speed up learning.

The best way to learn English is still reading, listening, writing, repeating and speaking. And these are not some boring steps you need to bear with. Notice that learning a foreign language is an opportunity to broaden your horizon rather than a burden. Focus on your self-investment and your efforts and of course, always work with experts. But before anything else, start by loving the language you want to learn. Do not send “it is too hard” message to your subconsciousness. Things will be easier as you move forward.

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