Short Stories in English

Grammar is an extremely important element of speaking and writing in English. But there is the practicing aspect as well, and almost everyone struggles at that point. Unfortunately, it is often impossible to have an English speaking friend or anyone you know beside you at every moment you want to practice the language. However, you can partly address this need by reading plenty of texts from books or blogs on your own.

Reading plays an effective role when you are learning English, as it will increase your vocabulary and even strengthen your pronunciation. You might struggle when you read a text for the first time and especially if you are reading it out loud. But as you continue reading it, your acquaintance with the words will increase and you will end up by speaking the English language with higher self-confidence.

How about taking a simple English short story journey that includes basic words and sentence patterns? Here, first read the stories and try to imagine what is happening; of course, do not forget to check the meanings of the words you do not know in each shorty story. Then, you can read them again, see how many of the words you’ve learned and how far you have gone in understanding these short stories.

1st Story

Jane’s Boss

Every day, Jane goes to her work. She is working in an office and as being a harworking person, she loves going to her work. Every day, her work starts in the morning at 7 o’clock. She leaves her work at 10 o’clock at night. She wants to be very good as a worker, but she has a problem with her boss: He isn’t a very good boss.

He tells Janes to do a thing. Then, he changes his mind about the work. He tells Jane to do another work. Then, he again changes his mind about the work. He tells her to do a different work and again, he changes his mind about that work, too Jane’s boss does this all the time. He says something, and then, he says something else. Jane does not like the change of mind. She wants her boss to make a decision. She does not want him to change his mind. Jane says, “This thing is wasting my time!”

Today, Jane made a decision. She will go to his room, talk to her boss about her decision. Jane says: “I enjoy the work. I work lots of hours. I am very good as a worker. But I cannot work like this. We must work better. You must tell me things to do and do not change your mind.”

Her boss listens. He understands she is right. He promises her to listen to this advice.

Now, Jane is a happy worker. She works every day. She starts at 7 o’clock. Her work finishes at 4 o’clock. But she completes more things than she did! Both Jane and her boss are now happy.

2nd Story

Diana’s Language Confusion

Diana is at the airport. She waits for her flight. Her flight is to Amsterdam, and it is 4 hours away. She is excited about the flight. Diana walks around the airport and looks at the shops. She has a nice time. She loves the airport.

One hour later, she wants to go to the bathroom. She searches for it, but she doesn’t find it.

“Where is the bathroom?” she asks herself.

She looks and looks but can’t find it, then she starts asking people where it is and asks, “Sir, sorry buy do you know the directions for the lady’s bathroom?”

And then the man says, “you want to learn the location of the restroom is, right?”

Diana: “No, I mean the bathroom.”

Man says to her that “The restroom is over there.” He says and walks away.

Diana doesn’t understand. She later asks to a lady, “Excuse me, madam, would you please tell me where the bathroom is?”

The lady says, “The restroom is there, over there,” and she walks away.

Diana is confused. “What’s their problem? I need to go to the bathroom. But they send me to a room to rest?! I don’t need a restroom, I need the bathroom!”

After a while, Diana gives up. She feels tired after all these walking and asking, decides that the man and the woman might be right and that she needs to rest.

She walks to the restroom. Now she is surprised. She realizes the restroom is actually the name for a public bathroom!

3rd Story

Kate’s Drums

Kate has a new set of drums. She likes playing the drums. She practices playing the drums all the time.

Her parents tell her, “Kate, we are happy that you like the drums, but you can’t play the drums all the time. There are other people on the floor,  in the building and neighbourhood. And they all want to sleep now and then!

Kate listens to them. She says she understands, but she doesn’t stop doing it. She practices playing the drums all the time!

Her parents complain, her sister complains, the neighbours complain. Even the cat complains!

“Ok, ok! From now on, I will be well-behaved. I will play more quietly.”

But this doesn’t help much. No one can work, rest, sleep.

One day Kate comes home and sees her parents and her sister in the living room. She sees new things like a trumpet, a guitar, and a piano. Kate is very surprised! “Wow!” she says, “What is this?”

Her father says, “Well, we see that we are unable overcome you, so we will join you in your musical adventure!”

Remember, just like any other foreign language, the key to learning the English language is to practice on regular basis! In addition to reading simple English stories, you can join English Ninjas to repeat what you have learned by speaking, and you can always improve your foreign language with native English speaker tutors.

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