Teaching Methodologies

The Natural Method

The Natural method highlights similar points between learning their mother tongue and the language they’re trying to learn. There is no correction of mistakes. Learning takes place by the students being exposed to language that is presented in any easily understandable way.

The Direct Method

The teaching is done entirely in the target language. The learner must use what they know in the language without use of their mother tongue. Good pronunciation is a focus in this method whereas grammar is overlooked.


This is the listen and repeat method. The new language is first heard and practiced repeatedly before exposing the student to the written form.


This is more of a state of mind as opposed to a learning/teaching method. The student must believe that learning the language is easy in order for them to let down their mental guard. Once the student believes it’s easy to learn, they are able to absorb the knowledge much easier with more confidence.


This would be in my opinion the least effective method for most students. Learning is done by translating the mother and target language. Grammar rules and vocabulary lists are memorized.

Total Physical Response (TPR)

This method is all about oral comprehension. The tutor gives commands and the student follows. The student learns through doing.

Reading Method

This method is done purely by reading. Some students have no need to speak or write in the target language but they need to understand what is written down. Through practice of constant reading, the learner exposes themselves to the structures and vocabulary of the target language.

The structural approach

This is the method used mostly in schools where the rules of the basics are taught from the beginning. They give you the structure and you learn quick and short examples. To be is generally the first lesson that most languages provide in this method.

Communicative language teaching (CLT)

This is the scenario method where the student learns how and what to say depending on the situation they may find themselves in. This is the method that is used in most touristic instructional guides when visiting a new country. Since you are only going to need to use the language in certain situations, those scenarios are practiced using this method. Time, location, activity are the usual topics discussed with this method.

The Silent Way

No use of the mother tongue using the Silent way. In fact, the tutor speaks as little as possible to give total control to the student learning the target language.

Community Language Learning

This is the method where the student and teacher speak in both their mother tongue and in their target language to make offer the most comfort to the learner.

Immersion Method

This may be the best yet most intimidating method for learning a new language. Students who have moved to a new country are exposed to everything and anything that deals with the new language. Through real world practice, you are immersed in the world of that target language.

Computer Assisted Language Learning Method

This is like using duolingo or rosetta stone. A software to learn the language is used and the learner goes through various levels increasing the difficulty as they continue in their learning.

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