The Benefits of Reading – E-readers and Books

With the introduction of youtube and social media into our lives, it has become more and more difficult to make kids sit down and read. Well, kids AND adults. People are no longer reading as much as they used to and if they are, they’re only looking at the headlines and the first paragraph of an article and moving on. This article is here to tell you to close your social media apps and have you start using your e-readers and opening up those things you use as a door stopper, books.

What are the benefits of reading?

  1. The earlier your child gets started, the better they will do in school. As it can be considered mental exercise, children who start to work this muscle earlier in life will be rewarded academically. It is a complex task where the mind is constantly working and being introduced to new words and usage of those words. Depending on the type of learner you or your child is, reading can have a much greater benefit as opposed to watching informational documentaries.
  2. Reading improves concentration. Let’s face it. Children have to force themselves to sit in one spot, not make any sounds, and understand new sentence structures and vocabulary as they read. This will later translate to any type of work or activity they will be involved in. The more they read, the better and longer they will be able to concentrate on any given task.
  3.  Kids learn empathy through reading. They put themselves in place of the character or may characters that are introduced in the book. When reading of new cultures, countries, and perspectives, they gain a better understanding of the wider world around them. The experiences, the words, and thoughts of the characters in the story are felt by the reader. They have no choice but to understand the perspectives of the different characters and settings.
  4. Through reading children can improve their imagination. The more different worlds and settings they are thrown into by the writer, the more they themselves feel as if they are in their world through their own mind. With tv, all of your choices are already made for you. The colors, the sounds, the scenery are preloaded and doesn’t provide a chance for the viewer to think of something new.
  5. Reading is a great form of entertainment. Anywhere and anytime, books are used to take people out of their current situation and liven up the readers life for however long they choose.
  6. Children and readers are constantly learning new vocabulary. Readers, with every new book and author, are introduced to a new way of thinking, writing, and vocabulary. The beauty is in the variety of authors and stories as new words are always introduced to the reader. Sometimes not all words can be understood on their own, but with reading, context help define and further explain the new words.

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