Tips for Preparing Your CV in English

A CV that is the abbreviation of curriculum vitae in Latin is a document that summarizes what we did in our life, our qualification, education, basic knowledge for academic purpose. Also, a CV is essential for a job application. You can prepare your CV in different languages. Generally, firms demand CV’s in English as the English language is accepted as the lingua franca. Therefore, if you apply the things to be considered when you prepare your CV in English, you will probably have a successful job application. If you want to learn more about writing your CV in English, you can check CV preparation tips and formats in this article.

Tips for Preparing Your CV in English

The Most Important Points When You Prepare Your CV in English

For non-native English speakers, preparing a CV can turn into a burdensome situation that requires extensive research. There are online applications to prepare your CV in English. So, you can prepare your resume by yourself. If you want to prepare your own CV which is one of the most important steps when you are looking for a job, you can have a more effective application when you apply the following tips.

Write the contact information at the top.

In the beginning, you must add a basic contact section with your name, address with postal code, phone number and e-mail. If your e-mail is an unprofessional one from the past, you might want to change it. Especially Gmail accounts will create a more professional image. You can follow the order below:

Name: Jessica Throns

Address: Newmarket St. 118 NR2 Norwich, England

Phone Number: 0622658579


Do not add your personal views on your CV

Try to avoid writing your personal views and information on your CV other than the positions you will apply. You must avoid adding your age, marital status and social security number on your CV. Also, you must not add your daily photos or additional photos other than a headshot to your CV unless specifically asked by the employer.

Prepare an objective summary.

After your contact information, you need to prepare a short and objective summary of your life. This section must come directly to the core of the subject without details. In other words, this section must not have your plans for the next 5 years. Do not forget to tell your position, reflect your professional perspective and your qualifications for this job. At the end of this section, you can add your field of expertise:

– Specializing in informative technologies.

Do not forget to add your skills and competence.

Education and skills sections are intertwined. However, the education section will have your schools, level, university and department and your graduation level. Also, if you are a new graduate, you can write your GPA and your achievements. But if you have already started your career, it is better to add your work experience in this section to let your professional work stand out.

Bachelor, University of London

Department: Translation Studies

GPA: 3.20

In the skills section, you can add your computer skills and level, your foreign language and level as well as your certificates. In this section, it is extremely important to be honest and objective, because many firms will think about working with you because of your qualifications and to get your help on these topics. You can divide your skills into three categories:

Personal Skills

  1. Leadership
  2. Finance
  3. Communication

Computer Skills

  1. Microsoft Office (Microsoft Word, Excel) – Advanced
  2. Adobe Photoshop – Beginner

Language Skills

  • English – C1
  • Turkish – Native Speaker
  • German – A2
Add your voluntary activities as well.

If you are a new graduate, you will not have any work experience. So, voluntary activities on your CV will make a good first impression. These voluntary activities might be the events of charities or your voluntary summer or winter internships. You can especially try to do voluntary work for your future targets. Additionally, voluntary activities show that you are helping the society without any payment and these are often regarded as positive.

Volunteer Activities


  1. Organizing educational conferences for young people.
Add supportive data.

You have completed certain steps in your workplaces and university and you have succeeded in certain topics. Never hesitate to present these as an attachment file and support with data. Thus, you can make sure that an employer can see your success and contribution. You can add the number of customer gains in your previous firm, your support to sales rates as well as documents that support these and your work experiences.

Relevant documents are attached.

  1. The results of the campaign implemented.
  2. The percentage of increase in annual sales.
Use striking words.

First, your CV might have gone through a computer scan. Generally, this type of software will upload the main requirements of the job advertisement and start to scan these requirements on your CV. Before preparing your CV, read the job requirements carefully and note the possible words. Generally, these words are the most common words in the business world. Here are some important word examples for job applications:

Foreign Language Education

  1. Children Language Acquisition
  2. Second Language Learning

Industrial Engineering

  1. Optimization
  2. Improving and implementing
  3. Integrated systems of people, money, information
Do not hesitate to add a second page.

If you think you are not sufficiently explanatory on one page, do not hesitate to add a second page to your resumé.

Select good references.

First, you might not want to write the same references for each application. Create a reference list for yourself and do not forget to write contact information, because in general, employers will contact your references via e-mail or phone to learn more about you.


  1. Jacob Williams, General Manager at CPF 012345679956

CV Sample in English

  • Personal

Name: Selin Karaoğlu

Address: Peykhane, 20 Şemsipaşa Street, Fatih/Istanbul

Phone number: 05303030303 Email:

  • Profile

Ambitious and energetic. Translation Studies Senior Student. Experienced in Content Writing and Translation for various platforms. Highly skilled effective communication, creative writing with experience in different language pairs. Looking for a job that reveals academic achievements and fulfills the company’s missions. Expertise in Law Translation.

  • Work Experience

Jan 2019 – Aug 2019

Intern at Robb Report Turkey, Istanbul

I translated American & Turkish luxury news/activities for the website of Robb Report. Also putting interviews on paper and editing brands’ press release were my duties. I wrote new contents, doing research to gather information and for July and August issues, translated some of the news related to a luxury lifestyle.

  • Education

Sep 2015 – Jun 2019

BA Boğaziçi University, Translation Studies

Sep 217 – Jun 2017 – Erasmus

Universidad de Oviedo, Ingles Estudios

  • Skills
  1. Presenting
  2. Leadership
  3. Planning
  • Languages
  1. English – C1
  2. French – A2
  • References
  1. Ayşe Güngören – Localization Manager at Robb Report

05101010101 /

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