Top 10 Qualities of a Great Teacher

Great teachers leave an unforgettable impression on their students’ lives. They manage to find what is unique about each student and inspire them to achieve great things. So, what are some of the qualities that great teachers have?

  1. An engaging personality and teaching style

Great teachers manage to conduct lessons that are very engaging so that students feel free to participate in all discussions and pay attention.

  1. Clear objectives for lessons

Great teachers know exactly what they want to achieve during each lesson and they communicate this clearly to their students. They use the class time effectively in order to meet those objectives.

  1. Effective discipline skills

Having effective discipline skills is a must for every great teacher so that he or she can promote positive behavior and stop negative behavior in the classroom.

  1. Good classroom management skills

A great teacher, in a sense, is a great manager. He or she should know how to help students be more productive, how to encourage respect in the classroom, and how to ensure overall good behavior in class.

  1. Good communication with parents

Great teachers always manage to keep the parents of their students in the loop when it comes to the curriculum, discipline, and other issues.

  1. High expectations

Great teachers have high expectations of their students and always encourage them to work their best and hardest.

  1. Knowledge of curriculum and standards

It should go without saying that great teachers should be very well informed about their school’s curriculum. They should know the standards their schools are trying to set and always make sure that their students reach those standards.

  1. Knowledge of subject matter

Great teachers should be extremely knowledgeable about the subject matter they are teaching. They should be prepared to provide satisfactory answers to their students’ questions.

  1. Passion for children and teaching

A great teacher is passionate about teaching and working with children. They understand the responsibility in front of them and are excited to impact their students’ lives in positive and meaningful ways.

  1. Strong rapport with students

Great teachers manage to develop strong rapport with their students and establish trusting relationships.


  1. Inspire – motivate; fill someone with the urge to do or feel something
  2. Engaging – charming; having the ability to interest someone in something
  3. Objective (n)goal; aim
  4. Effectively – in such a manner as to achieve a desired result
  5. Promote – support or actively encourage
  6. Productive – achieving a significant amount of result
  7. In the loop (phrase) aware of information
  8. Curriculum – the subjects that make up a course of study in a school or college
  9. Satisfactory – acceptable; adequate
  10. Rapport – bond; mutual understanding; a close/special relationship

Questions for discussion

  1. Describe the teacher(s) that inspired you most. What did they do that made them so memorable?
  2. What other qualities not mentioned in this list do you think are important for great teachers to have?
  3. Do you think great teachers are born or can these skills and qualities be acquired?


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