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As the main communication language around the world, English has become the most frequently encountered language in today’s world. Accordingly, we can frequently see English words and sentences in the movies that we watch in our daily lives, in the products we buy, in academic education, occupational terms and concepts.

If you have good command in English, you can easily understand what these words, terms and sentences mean. But if you are at the beginning of your English learning journey, you might need the translation of these words to understand what they actually mean. The good news is you can now easily access the English word and text translations with online translation websites that are the advantage of today’s technological age.

There are various websites for the English translation. These websites meet the needs of anyone who needs English translation and especially students. However, while some of these websites show satisfactory performance, others might give misleading translations. On the other hand, while some websites have sufficient results in word translation, others can be better in text translation. Or others help users to obtain detailed and meaningful texts in terms of translation. Therefore, you need to choose your translation website carefully if you do not want to end up with an incorrect translation of an English word or text.

Although online translation websites that want to answer the ever-increasing user demand as the need for English increases do innovations and improvements, some are highlighted in translation.

Here are the websites for English text translation:

Websites for English Text Translation
Google Translate /

Google Translate is Google’s online translation website and this is one of the most preferred websites. Previously, this website was highly criticized with highly incorrect translations. However, with current software updates, text translations are more realistic and accurate. Google Translate enables you to translate entire text, documents or a web page and it enables to do all your text translation on a single website. This website with various language support offers different properties to users with its new updates. This website enables fast translation option to users with automatic language detection and audio command translation. Also, you can save your documents as files or URL to translate and you can also save the translation.

You can translate different English texts with high accuracy by using Google Translate. After the update, the improvements enabled correct translation for inverted sentences and idioms. Thus, you not only translate your texts on Google Translate but also learn the words you need in your daily conversations and the meaning of sentences.

Yandex Translate /İngilizce-Çeviri

Yandex Translate is one of the websites with the highest users after Google Translate. This website enables fast translation between various languages. This website generally presents an accurate translation and it has high quality service for both word and text translation. In addition to text translations, you can also translate websites and image texts. This website enables you to share the translation link with text input-output support. Additionally, this translation website activates spellcheck with translation.

If you need a translation of long English texts, Yandex Translate enables more than 10,000 character input. So, it is one of the best sites to help you. On the other hand, audio text input and correcting bad translations are among the key properties of this website.

Reverso /

Reverso can translate without any command when you write the text. Although it can only translate between certain languages, this website is highly preferred due to the high quality in English text translation. This website offers almost-realistic translations with minimum errors margins for standard texts and it has successful translations for terms and idioms.

One of the most important property that distinguishes Reverso from other translation websites is a contextual translation. In other words, after the translation, this website offers few translation options under the translation text if the text is different. On the other hand, you can score the translation afterwards to improve translation services.

Tureng /çevirisi

Tureng operates as both in translation and as a dictionary. This website is one of the most successful websites in word translation. The website has different usages of the words or sentence. At the same time, it acts as a rich source in terms of daily idioms and slang. Additionally, you can access to sectoral technical usage samples such as medical, technical and commercial word translations. In this sense, Tureng translation website is among the websites where you can have high-quality translations.

Bing Translator (Bing Çeviri) /

As in Google Translate, Bing Translator offers services like a search engine website. Bing Translator is well-known among many individuals. While it does not offer high-quality translation texts, it works fine for simple word and sentence translation. The website has an easy-to-use interface and the website enables you to do fast translations and translations between language pairs with multiple language support.

Since you can input more than 5000 characters on the Bing Translator translation website, you can translate long texts in a short time and with a single input. Additionally, you can listen to the original texts and translations with audio and accents.

Sesli Sözlük /ümle-çeviri/

Although Sesli Sözlük is not as accurate as Google and Yandex, it is among the website where you can get support for standard texts that fit general sentence patterns. This website can translate up to 200 characters in one session with more than 20 language support and it can read these translations out loud. Additionally, if you are not sure about the translation on Sesli Sözlük, you can discuss it on the forums. Thus, you can be sure about the accuracy of the translation.

Hemen Çevir /

Hemen Çevir is especially popular among students and this website gives you satisfactory results in a word- and text-based translations. This website enables translations in more than 30 languages. And the website has an easy use where you can translate with one click. In this sense, Hemen Çevir website is among the quality resources to translate your English texts.

Online-translator /

Although Online-translator is not that popular yet, it is one of the websites where you can get an almost accurate translation, especially for long English texts. This website offers support in various languages and it shows satisfactory performance in inverted sentences and terms.

Each of these websites that are successful in the translation of different words or texts will help you while learning English or when you need English translation. Well, what if you need some practice? At that moment, English Ninjas will come to your help. English Ninjas promises a technological environment where you can improve your English level by practicing with native English speaking expert tutors for 24/7. You can visit if you want to learn English or improve your English with dictionary support where you can have different words and level-based programs.

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