What is your learning style?

7 Learning Styles

There are currently 7 different types of learning styles and the sooner you figure out your own, the sooner you will start to learn English speaking and anything besides that at a much faster pace. You will absorb more information and your retention will also increase. Once you understand your own learning style, you can speak with your English Ninjas tutors and they will teach you accordingly.

Visual Learning

Visual learners prefer using pictures, images, and spatial understanding.  Visual learners can easily visualize objects, plans, and outcomes. They are also good at using maps and are good with directions. These learners may prefer to watch video clips and movies to help their understanding.

Aural Learning

Aural learners prefer to use sound and music for information retention. It’s obvious to note that most musicians are aural learners and most aural learners have good rythm. This type of learner can always turn any bit of information into a catchy tune or song in order to absorb and retain critical information.

Verbal Learning

Verbal learners prefer speaking, writing, and reading with focus on using the correct words. These learners love doing crossword puzzles and have a large vocabulary. Sometimes verbal learners need to read aloud the words or concepts to help process information.

Physical Learning

Physical learners prefer to get their hands dirty and get their bodies involved when learning. These types of learners enjoy sports and other outdoor activities. These people may go for a walk or exercise in order to get their best thinking done. Physical learners take example from Nike and they just do it!

Logical Learning

Logical learners are the mathematicians, software developers, and scientists of our modern day. They like logic, reasoning, and building processes and systems. These logical learners love complex systems and games like chess. Once the logic, process, and big picture are explained, the logical learner has already understood and takes thinking and comprehension to the next level.

Social Learning

Social learners are those who love working in big groups and gain energy from being with other people. These learners will never shy away from getting feedback from their teammates. They love brainstorming with others, play team sports, and are great listeners.

Solitary Learning

The solitary learner as it can derived from its name loves to work solo. Not always, but this method of learning is for more of the introverted type of person. They are indepenent thinkers who can and prefer to complete tasks alone. If you know a person who loves to always work alone, I recommend leaving them to do their own thing as that is how they work their best magic.


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