What’s your motivation to learn English?


What is your motivation? Why are you here?

This is the most important question you have to ask when you think you need to be doing something you have to motivate yourself to do. The youtube videos don’t matter as they’re all the same. Reading tons of articles on motivation won’t help much either.

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The main question is are you motivated by internal or external forces?

Do you want to learn English just so you can show off to your friends? Are you doing it for the certificate and that’s all? Are you going to win a trophy?

If you’re learning English for the reasons above, you will have a very hard time finding and creating the motivation to learn English.


Are you looking for new ways to build bridges with your community? Do you want to understand your neighbor? Understand who they are and what they’ve experienced through English? Are you learning so you can teach your children? Are you learning because it makes you feel good?

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The reasons for English must come from a deeper place within you. Very few like waking up early to go to the gym. Very few like eating healthy. Very few like to go over verb conjugations and grammar lessons.

So, why are you here then?

Before you choose to subscribe to English Ninjas, we want you to be 100% sure of the reasons why you are joining. We don’t want you to become a subscriber and then never come back because once you have started with us,we will do everything in our power to help you achieve your English speaking goals.  We want you to be in it 100% just like we are.

Once you start your journey with us, it is not going to be easy. It is not always going to be fun, but nothing worth while is ever easy and always fun.

Rome wasn’t built in a day as they say and there are no short cuts to learning English. You will practice with our native tutors and you will practice on your own. You will read with us, by yourself, and with your family and friends. We can only show you the door, but you must be the one who chooses to step up and take on the challenge day to day.

What is our motivation at English Ninjas?

We are here to help others. This makes us feel good and knowing that we helped someone pass their test, earn their certification so they can study higher education, or can now speak with their cousins overseas makes it even better. This is the stuff we wake up for and this is why we keep coming back everyday.

Are you ready to take on this challenge with us?

If yes, click to button below to start on your path to self development. The only person in this world that is going to help you is you so get forget what you’ve heard before and get to it. It’s time to start.

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