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All services given in the Site ; and ENGLISH NINJAS Mobile Application are operated by İNGİLİZCE NİNJALARI İNTERNET HİZMETLERİ A.Ş. ( shall be hereafter referred as ENGLISH NINJAS ) located in Altıntepe Mh. İstasyon Yolu Sk. No:3 Maltepe İstanbul.


ENGLISH NINJAS may collect personal data for various purposes. The manner of collection and protection of such personal data is explained below.

  • By filling various form and questionnaires in the web site, some personal data belonging to the users ( such as, name –surname, company information, telephone number, address or e- mail addresses ) are naturally collected by ENGLISH NINJAS.
  • According to the Law No. 6563, ENGLISH NINJAS shall not require further approval for commercial electronic mails regarding alteration, use and maintenance of the goods and services procured for enabling communication with the user.
  • ENGLISH NINJAS; from time to time, may send to the users campaign information, information about new releases, promotion offers. User may either accept or not such types of commercial communications and later on may change its decision or may terminate the commercial communication by notifying to the contact included in the information transmission received by him.
  • During the communication process which is either performed over ENGLISH NINJAS by e- mail , personal data transmitted by the user from the electronic environment shall be never disclosed to third parties except for the purposes and scope determined by the " User’s Contract ".
  • For the definition of problems regarding the system and for fast solution of challenges or controversies which may occur in relation with the service rendered, ENGLISH NINJAS records the users’ IP address and use them. IP addresses and Scanner info. , Mobile Application Data may be also used for the general definition of the users and for collection of demographic data.
  • ENGLISH NINJAS may use the collected personal data both for enabling contact with the user when necessary and for the purposes and scope determined by the "User’s Contract " as anonym (without disclosure of the identity) in terms of various statistical assessments, data base formation and market surveys .
  • ENGLISH NINJAS hereby undertakes that it shall keep the personal data strictly confidential and private, it shall be liable to keep such data as confidential business information and shall take necessary precautions in order to prevent the unauthorized use of the confidential information and disclosure of such information to third parties.
  • ENGLISH NINJAS does never record and keep the credit card information of the customers who are shopping at the electronic stores. For the security of the operations, higher rate of SSL security certificates are used. Information regarding the credit card which is used during shopping are encoded by 128 bite SSL( Secure Sockets Layer) protocol independent from electronic trading site and are transmitted to the bank for enquiry. Shopping shall continue in case the validly and availability of the card is approved.
  • Reliability of the payment/ invoice/ address information of the orders which are introduced on- line by credit card are inspected by ENGLISH NINJAS against credit card fraud. For this reason, particularly, the accuracy of the financial and address/ telephone number information of some users who are placing order for the first time may be required to be approved. For the control of such data, communication may be provided with the credit card holder or with the bank, if necessary.
  • Only the user itself may reach the information which he submitted to the electronic trading site and may change them. In case the personal data of the user is being protected safely, it is unable to be accessed by third parties and no alterations can be made. For this purpose, during the membership process, operations are carried out within the scope of 128 bite SSL security area. This system is an international encoding standard which unable to be accessed.
  • ENGLISH NINJAS may provide links to another sites within the scope of the web site and mobile application. Therefore, no responsibility is undertaken for the confidentiality applications and the contents of the sites which are accessed through these links. Commercials published in the electronic trading site are shown/ distributed to the users through the business partners involved in advertising. Privacy statement in this contract is only related to the use of ENGLISH NINJAS web sites and does not involve third party web sites.
  1. In limited cases stated below, ENGLISH NINJAS may declare to the third parties the users’ information except the information which are subject to this "Privacy Statement” provisions. These exceptions are applicable for the following conditions; by virtue of the legal obligations such as law, by- law, regulation and other applicable legal rules ;
  2. To fulfill and implement the requirements of the “Membership Contract” which is signed between ENGLISH NINJAS and the users and other contracts;
  3. In case relevant information is claimed by an authorized administrative or judicial authority for the duly execution of an investigation or interrogation ;
  4. Cases where giving information is necessary for the protection of the users’ rights or for their safety .
  • ENGLISH NINJAS never claims credit card number, user’s name, password in the e- mails. Data include in the e –mails may be seen by third parties. ENGLISH NINJAS can not guarantee the security of the data transmitted from the user’s e- mails.
  • ENGLISH NINJAS; by using a technical communication file ( Cookie), may obtain the users list who are visiting the web site and the users’ information regarding the use of the web site. Subject technical communication files are small text files which are sent by an internet site user to the browser so as to be stored in the main memory. Technical communication file is helpful for receiving statistical data about the number of people who visited the site , the purpose and quantity of the visit made by a single user and the time they remained in the site and for the production of commercials and content, dynamically, from the users pages which are specifically designed for the users. Technical communication file has not been designed for receiving data or further personal data in the main memory or e- mails. Most of the browsers have been designed to accept the technical communication file in the beginning but they may be readjusted upon the user’s request so that a warning should be available in case the technical communication file is not received or when the file is sent by the other party.
  • ENGLISH NINJAS; unless permitted or approved by the user, does not record any communication in a mobile application, audio or video communication. Upon the user’s request, the audio and video communication may be recorded during the execution of the service and may be deleted later on .


ENGLISH NINJAS may any time change the provisions of this "Privacy Statement” by publishing in the site or by sending e- mail to the users or by publishing in the relevant site. In case of the provisions of the Privacy Statement are amended, new form shall be effective as of its publishing date.  


You may send e- mail to address for your questions and suggestions regarding the Privacy Statement. ENGLISH NINJAS’ contact information are given below .


Company’s Trade Name : İngilizce Ninjaları İnternet Hizmetleri Anonim Şirketi

Address                     : Altıntepe Mah. İstasyon Yolu Sok. No:3 Maltepe/İstanbul

E- mail                       :

Tel: 0216 587 30 12

Fax: 0216 587 30 20